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Why BetTronLive?

Crypto is now rising in the industry around the world. Just how fast the news flashes in the social media - The virtual and transparent attribute of crypto currency hooked the attention of every enthusiast and investors. While the cryptocurrency is on its way up, a lot of projects connected to it became huge. And one of the most popular platform that uses crypto big time is ONLINE GAMBLING.

Internet improved the online gambling in the early 20'th century. It includes casino games, sports betting by predicting the possible result of a specific sport, poker etc.

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#BETTRONLIVE is now combining the cryptocurrency and online gambling. Most of players have surely seen several platforms in online gambling and searching for a new experience that boost their adrenaline in every bets.

Now, BetTronLive is not like your typical online gambling sites, BetTronLive has so much to offer!

Live Casino Experience –

BetTronLive is an online dealer casino connected in blockchain. Without walking towards the casino clubs, it is giving you the privilege to enjoy and interact with the players and dealers worldwide freely. It is made to design a casino ambiance wherever you are.

Liver Dealers –

What you expect in every casino house is what BetTronLive will give you. Dealers are well trained to give you the atmosphere the you wish the most. They will handle the game you’re playing and make you feel comfortable in professional way at all time.

Security –

Everyone wants an assurance when it comes to our own assets. BetTronLive values every single assets that the players have. So to be sure with the results of every game, there will be a camera which will capture the whole happening inside. A live streaming camera will get even the smallest scene of the dealer’s motion, table and result. Players will see these all in real time.

Games –

What made the BetTronLive unique is because it didn’t follow anything but discovers new. What I mean is, not just your ordinary games but an advanced feature will be offered. These games will be updated every 15 days is a plus. Well developed popular games will entice you!

Earnings –

BetTronLive wants to give a thank you gift when you’re into the platform. So other than your earnings from your wise betting, all the profits will be fairly distributed in TRX form to all Rake token holders.

Source of Revenue –

To get additional assets to run inside the platform, simple tasks are being offered to earn some rake tokens. Through mining or playing ads video in the platform and many more soon!

These benefits are just a little highlight to what they really offer. You will discover more as you dive in the platform so don't miss it!

Why would you go for something else without these all? #BetTronLive is coming soon!

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It is nice to see that the steemit community has a nice following on BetTronLive. Indeed this new project will be a game changer in the space with great features, awesome business model and active community!

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