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BetTronLive is on your way!

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Who wouldn't love to earn while enjoying? These days, online gambling is one of the fast growing activity in the online world. We're just so lucky that we're now in advance technology. We don't have to bring any efforts other than holding our gadgets, get a good internet connection and bet wisely.

BetTronLive offers an advance experience in terms of Online Gambling. Stay in your comfort zone and play your luck! This project brings you the instant casino experience LIVE! Yes, you have read it right. It is a LIVE dealing casino that includes the blockchain technology!

TRON is a secure P2P crypto wallet and exchange. It is one of the trusted blockchain nowadays. Moving forward like thunder and giving a promising initiatives that made people hooked into it. If you're not familiar yet with this project, make a quick visit in this site.

Tron wallet supports TRX and other tokens on TRON’s main net. You can download it here. Click this

This token has the most important role in this platform. You will use Rake Token to run your luck in BetTronLive. It is a TRC-20 native cryptocurrency in this platform. You have all the freedom to play with it, give to other players or receive as well and hold onto it.

What to do when running out of RAKE?

#TronBetLive gives you an UP sign in every single aspects. They will be giving you a reward by doing simple tasks like watching short Ads. You can also mine some of this token inside the site. So there’s no way that you’ll run out of it.

What made BetTronLink an advantage?

Beside from transparency and security that this project offers, All the profits of TronBetLive will be fairly distributed to all Rake Token Holders in TRON (TRX) Which is tradeable in different exchange sites.


BetTronLive has a FOMO Jackpot for grabs soon.

Referral Bonus | Refer a friend and boost together! You’ll receive .02% of what they’ve gained – Per referral.


Beside from these good things about BetTronLive, they have another announcement for you! They are running a contest at zero cost. You can get registered for less than a minute!


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To join – Click this site and simply paste your TRON wallet address and that’s it! Three Tron wallets will be chosen randomly.

1st place – 2,000,000 TRX
2nd place – 1,000,000 TRX
3rd place – 500,000 TRX

Power pick draw will take place 10 days after the launch of the Online casino.




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I like the sound of earning while enjoying there are very few things in life that have that as life almost always lets you enjoy when spending. This paradigm shift most likely attract online gamers online who wants to enjoy gaming while giving them the chance to earn on the side. Who would have known that gaming may make you money right?

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There's a lot of games to offer in this platform and i am so excited also to join in the future.

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