BetTronLive Online Casino: The Art Of Cryptocurrency

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The underlying technology is likely here to remain, regardless of the fluctuations of cryptocurrency. It will result in interesting art or art-like stuff. It is only that our specific society is set up so that no progress can ever be made without the maximum quantity of waste and harm being inflicted.

Technological progress has substituted real gambling - online gambling. Online gambling is much more convenient than gambling itself. The days of traveling far to visit a real casino to play are gone. You can now remain in your home's convenience, go online, and play. And more individuals can play than ever before with simple access to the quick internet.



This is what Blockchain is trying to change. Blockchain's transparency and decentralized network in the gambling industry can improve a wide range of issues. Smart contracts on a blockchain will give gamblers an insight into just how much of the house's advantage.

Online Casino is now a global trend and a fresh online casino era has arrived and this is BetTronlive. BetTronLive is based on Tron Network Blockchain Technology as one of the world's largest blockchain-based operating systems and to be the first of its kind Live Dealer Casino platform that online gamblers would love.

In the online gambling world we are already seeing the impacts of the increase of crypto. BetTronLive now takes the blockchain into online casinos and revolutionizes how players, developers and casino operators communicate.



Online club empower speculators to play and bet on gambling club amusements through the web. It is a productive type of web based betting. Online gambling clubs can be isolated into two gatherings dependent on their interface: electronic and download-just gambling clubs. A few gambling clubs offer the two interfaces and BetTronLive is the modern online live dealer casino.

BetTronLive is the first of its kind a live dealer casino based on the TRON network. The project incorporates two of the most creative techniques to bring customer experience to the next level–blockchain and live dealer gaming. Users on the platform will be able to play a broad range of games, including live dealer games, and enjoy a more realistic, immersive and smooth iGaming experience.

BetTronLive constructed a solid protocol for trustworthy and decentralized casino gaming on top of the TRON network blockchain to accomplish their objective of a new generation platform for live dealer games hosted on the blockchain. They also constructed the first plug-and-play casino platform for a fresh generation of casinos, subsidiaries and players to assist create it.

Rake Token

Rake Token is a token based on TRC–20 and is the indigenous crypto-currency BetTronLive that will be used on the platform's working system. This indigenous token plays a significant part in creating this fresh ecosystem of DApps by boosting the platform, giving benefits to all users and encouraging players by maintaining the redistribution a priority. The Blockchain technology provides players complete freedom Rake tokens between each other or simply keep it in a safe place. BetTronLive provides all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and all internet players the opportunity to win and mine the Rake Token by using the platform in various ways.


There are distinct methods to mine Rake Token, first of all by playing games on the BetTonLive platform and doing easy tasks like watching short video ads before the game begins, establishing a coherent income channel and more community gaining possibilities. In-house revenues from games and ads will be spread reasonably and transparently to all Rake Token owners by distributing dividends in TRX (Tron) coins that can be traded in nearly every exchange of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Here are some of the games provided on the platform:

  • Card games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Sic Bo and for cards dealt in live dealer with larger for simple viewing the platform will use high-definition cameras to capture the dealer table with the system acknowledging cards by color, suit, face card personality, image segmentation and other components.

  • Sportsbooks– Players can place bets before or during the activities or matches, enjoying at-home betting security and comfort.

  • PKR TRON ® online sports -a complete poker game with a distinctive interface.

  • MINING GAMES – It will add easy Dice game Slot machines and many more games

Live Dealer

The Live Dealer of BetTronLive has a distinctive function not only on the platform but on all current online gaming worldwide. It will also offer the same experience and atmosphere for all internet gamers that are going to use the platform as the real game that would get into the table like a land-based casino globally without physically visiting it. An integrated live chat will generate an comprehensive dealer and player online community. All games played are performed in real time and will always be monitored in real time by the player.



This platform used most of the market's reliable infrastructure and adds various feeds and specialists to the game infrastructure and user and player interface to experience the most realistic, genuine and unforgettable games in the Live Dealer. The platform uses various designs and technologies such as using Live OPERATION MODEL streaming cameras that capture the entire table scene and the actions of the dealer. Another is the automated system for recognizing the result of the card or game that will evaluate the result and forward it to the interface of the player. The platform also uses a system of card recognition to identify all members of a standard play-card deck.

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I totally agree with the article. It seems that BetTronlive is putting in all the best ingredients for a truly awesome platform, more secure and transparent through the use of blockchain, more convenience though online delivery, greater social engagement by incorporating live video feed and awesome incentive program where users are rewarded by using the platform. A win win formula that would surely disrupt the gaming industry.

Right @ankarlie and am looking forward for the success of BetTronLive.

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