New month of betting tips Yesterday 6/6 matches won !!! UCL Real M. vs Bayern M.

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Today I should make a summary of April but I don't have time... Sorry but I will make this I promise...

For Today I have some nice predictions:

Double from Netherlands Eredivisie It's a fight to stay in this league

Maastricht - Almere TYP 1
Dordrecht - Cambuur TYP 2

Big ratio type :

Halmstad - Falkenbergs TYP 2

Risky type : ( SINGLE )

Chesterfield - Newport TYP 2

Pro Vercelli - Ac Venezia TYP 2


I should not put UCL match because it's hard for me to be objective.... I'm fan of Real Madrid and I want fr Them the third in a row UCL cup....

Real Madrid - Bayern : TYP 1 first match between them shows one thing Real Madrid need good striker because They can not count on Benzema... CR 7 almoust get his goal but He touched the ball...


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Real will win no doubt about it!

definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement boss..

Champion like. Super pootball namber one

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