My Best Fights in Splinterlands: First Half of May

I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards.

I thought I would play more than I did last season. I barely managed to play 20 battles a week which is far from my 25 daily battles few months ago. I hope I get to play more in the current season, but my internet isn't stable lately.

Because of my unstable internet, I didn't rent any cards in the last season, nor the current one, but if I played enough I'll reach the limit of what my low level summoners could achieve.

Here's My Notable Battles Lately:

I fought half of these battles at the start of the month, and the other half today and yesterday. I know I should write these commentaries about my battles more often, but I didn't play the game much during this period. I got too lazy to do so when I had the chance:

All Born Equal
[17 Mana] [Equalizer]
This was my first battle in the Equalizer Ruleset. I think I did a good job choosing monsters that have high attack and good abilities but very low Health. I gambled that my opponent will choose a high health monster for my strategy to succeed and they did!
Assassin's Greed
[99 Mana] [Broken Arrows]
Opponent had a bunch of crazy powerful monster, but all of them were melee attackers so they had to wait for their turn to attack. I had four monsters that could attack from back row which resulted in my win.
The Time I Made My Opponent Faster
[14 Mana] [Reverse Speed]
It wasn't a good idea to put Creeping Ooze in a Reverse Speed Ruleset battle. But I think the opponent used a worse team than mine. The battle was close because I bet everything on my Tank that has Shield ability and the opponent had a magic attacker.
Halved 1 Becomes 1
[20 Mana] [Reverse Speed]
This is actually my second battle using Halving Alchemist and I love it so far. The battle was close, I didn't put my strongest team as I was experimenting my new cards but I did manage to barely win. It would've ended with a draw if my Silvershield Assassin got another hit.
[27 Mana] [Weak Magic]
This battle went as any beat down would go. My Tanks destroyed the opponent's frontlines while my opportunist and sneak attackers killed his other monsters. (By this battle, I got used putting Halving Alchemist in my team, though (s)he didn't do much this battle.)
Blaster of the Seas
[21 Mana] [Even Stevens]
Opponent was unlucky to put Fallen Spectre in the second position, while it's a strong monster, its low health ensured that my Ruler of the Seas beat him. Actually my team was a natural enemy for their tank Goblin Mech.

So, What do you think?

The majority of my opponents are using Untamed Edition cards now. I still use mostly Beta/Reward cards myself but I hope to get Untamed cards gradually as time goes on.

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I hope you enjoyed this,
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