Scotch pies for #bestpie by @rebeccabe

in bestpies •  6 months ago

I went to the supermarket yesterday and spotted these Scotch pies and remembered @rebeccabe @sndbox inspired post on doing something different. I have never tried these pies and so I bought some.

scotch pies.jpg

They are precooked so you just throw them in the microwave and one minute later they are piping hot and ready to eat.

They were OK but I wouldn't consider them the #bestpie in the world. They are a very old pie (not the ones I bought) and were probably eaten by workers down a mine or somewhere equally awful.

Having done a little research on them I can tell you that they are made with short crust pastry and the filling is made with mutton and herbs.

Best eaten with mushy peas and or gravy. Neither of which I had to hand so didn't get the full experience. It was just a bit of fun and I tried something new.

What have you done new recently?

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Looks like a little bit like "Hackfleisch in Blätterteig" (Minced meat in puff pastry) which is often eaten here. But we are using pork or beef or mixed meat.


They are very popular here as are most pies and savory pastries. They and we must have a lot in common ha ha.


That's true :-D

great job.. now change the hashtag to #bestpie lol
I know you are a prosperous person so you think more.. :)
resteemed .. thanks for playing


Whoops! Lol sorry about that use of the plural pie. It will have to remain pies as we can't change the permalink or tags! Dooh! :-)


You can on the bottom only not the first one.. :) @molometer
Also correct your title with the bestpie hashtag..


Thanks for the info @rebeccabe all present and correct now lol
The first tag was bestpies so I added the #bestpie to cover all the bases lol

Yay! jumped right into first place on the trending page bwa ha ha this is so funny.

Wooow...soo good and fun food....excellent dear friend...molometer


Glad you enjoyed my pies :-) Trying something new is nice if you get the chance. :-)

Very nice different post. Thanks for shareing


It's fun to mix things up a bit now and again. Do you agree?

I got a randomly infected foot, which is new and painful and I don't recommend it to anyone - although as I don't how it happened (no obvious skin damage to the doctor) I don't know how you would avoid it either.

Pork Pies and mushy peas with mint sauce is just he best, these scotch pies look a good second I would not mind trying them. Good find!

#thealliance #witness


That's a very randomly different comment @c0ff33a and so appropriate for this what have you done 'new' lately. Hope to avoid the infected foot virus :-) That's something new I'll pass on ha ha. See what I did there?

Pork pies and mint sauce sounds pretty out there buddy ha ha


@molometer I am encouraging @coff33a to join us in the fun of #bestpie


I'll give it another go too! :-)


I hope your foot recovers nicely and quickly. Infections are not fun and we need shoes.

BTW: So happy to see your comment (now put it in comments on the contest link) @coff33a ... the link to the contest is here:
If you use the word #bestpie (not plural) in comments on the linked post you go in the drawing for .50 SBD and if you do like @molometer and create a post .. you go into the drawing for 2 SBD .. all for fun lol .. seems to get us all connected ..

Cool. Why are they called “Scotch Pies?”

Wow looks so yummy