The Prettiest River Confluence I've seen so Far

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The honorable title goes to the forceful and violent confluence of rivers Rio Pastaza (left) (left) and Rio Verde (right) (right) in Tungurahua province of Ecuador. On the photo a great waterfall can be seen, its name is El Pailón del Diablo and it's a sight to be seen on itself...
LocationTungurahua, Ecuador
SettingsISO 1000 f/10 1/200
CameraSony Alpha 5000
LensSony 3.5-5.6/16-50

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The "Pastaza" River (also known in its origins as "Sumatara" river) is another of the beautiful currents belonging to the Amazon River basin, which runs through the border regions between Peru and Ecuador; moving from the area surrounding the "Tungurahua" volcano in Ecuador, to Peruvian lands, crossing the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes.
Now, observe how there are two other rivers that converge in the "Pastaza" river: the "Machay" river and the "Blanco" river:

The white waters of the "Pastaza" River are born from the union of the "El Altar" river with the "Chambo" river, in the foothills of the "Tungurahua" volcano, in the province that has the same name and next to the town of "Baños", Ecuador. (Note that almost all of these areas, you have been showing them in your posts). The "Pastaza" river is inserted in the Eastern "Cordillera of the Andes", forming the "Agoyán water fall", which reaches about 60 meters in altitude, and where the hydroelectric plant of the same name is located:

Agoyan Hydroelectric Power Plant: The beauty of nature and the strength of the waters, also come together in a work that benefits man.

Hanging bridge, on the edge of the "Pailón del Diablo" waterfall that owes its name to one of the rocks that, if you look carefully from the bridge, has the devil's features (I think I can see it). It is a waterfall about 80 meters high and 20 meters deep formed by the waters of the "Verde River", which originates in the "Pàramos Los LLanganates" and empties into the "Pastaza" River.

In my opinion this travel through Ecuador, I think is one of the most spectacular trips that you have done; nature is showing you a huge amount of amazing and magical landscapes.


Super place

wow this is beautiful scene

You know East Timor has a similar landscape? Love the strength of the waterfall! Is it far from your home? I'd love to see it silky with a long exposure ;))))
Que significa el pailón?

It was very moist for a long exposure, too much water gets on the lens

Oh, I see... Maybe from a larger distance with a telephoto lens...

That's the bridge it was taken from

Aw, it's really near, now I've got the perspective! Great place, great photo this one, thanks for sharing!

Espectacular, buena foto.

Such a great post.Amazing photography.

Really wonderful place for photography.Great work @nameless-berk

Wow beautiful landscape and impressive waterfall, greetings @nameless-berk

Nice location & beautiful photography.

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Your last word is very funny in this articles.But beautiful waterfall place and wonderful photography.Great job @nameless-berk

Friend @ nameless-berk, wonderful scenery and spectacular waterfall, greetings