When Ireland stood still ❄❄❄

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The Beast has left us...

Since Wednesday Ireland has been covered in pure white and is only calming down now, with everything only left wet. The Beast from the East has caused many people joy but also misery as well...with some people STILL having to go to work (including my mother) and boilers malfunctioning and people having to be in a cold home.

I moved house on Wednesday and it was such a crazy day. We had our driver only available for a certain time so the last of the packing had to be rushed and then brought into the new house while piles of snow kept growing outside as we tried stepping over it with boxes and furniture.

Kids and parents running around, people helping each other clean the roads. It really brings out the sense of community we all have!

Many photographers including myself took the opportunity...

To take photos outside. Its been 36 years since Ireland has seen so much snow. Before it was the "Big Snow of 1982" which I haven't had the chance to witness and now the Beast from the East. I had the pleasure of quickly taking some shots with the wonderful @sophiesticated who is used to seeing all white as shes from Siberia.

We got some photos on Wednesday when the snow just started and had to leave quickly as we got too cold. However we felt like it was a magical wonderland. Sophie literally just woke up when I contacted her so she has no make up on or any styling in her hair, yet she looks perfect.

Here is the beginning of this madness!

Hope you guys enjoyed this series!

My equipment is NikonD700 camera with a 50mm 1.8 lens. All natural light no reflector.

Love life.

Love, Eriluks 💖

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Good shots and nice processing, keep them coming.


Thank you ! ^^

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Great use of the lens Erika, as always. Well done!


Thank you David !!! ^^

I can't even picture Ireland covered in white! Here in Minnesota we are covered in snow for more than half the year...actually getting a storm today that will drop close to a foot of snow on us. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Oh wow thats crazy !!! I hope you guys are alright. Whenever there is a lot of snow everything just stops working here and people's cars dont have the special tires for driving in snow so there is alot of drifting going on.. the snow is practically gone here. Would love to see some images from Minnesota !!!


Schools get delayed about 2-hours then things go on as normal. There is very little shutting down of anything when we get big snow storms. We are used to it and have plows and salt trucks ready to go to clear the roads.

I love these shots. Great work by you both!


Thank you Dave !!! ^^

Beautiful - I cannot imagine living in a place covered by snow - our country will come to a standstill if that happens hahaha


Haha yeah thats what happened here too xD but its all gone now unfortunately :(