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Many holders of Bitshares decided to stake their tokens BEOS gateway (which was developed by Dan N. of @blocktrades). The idea was that, for a period of roughly 3 months, BEOS tokens would rain upon each account that staked BTS. The amount received was in proportion to one's staking compared to the total.

The BEOS distribution matched that of Bitshares with 2/7 being held by the foundation while the other 5/7 put into the rainfall to the accounts that staked.

During this time period, RAM was also distributed.

We are now at the end of the Rainfall period. The BEOS tokens will be all distributed in the next day or so. After that, the RAMfall is in operation, continuing for 470+ days.


The other day, I put up a post that mentioned the announcement pertaining to Bitshares Media. This is a project that is airdropping tokens to holders of Bitshares. Since the BTS tokens are staked, they technically are not in possession of the individual. Thus, the drop was on the wallets that they tokens are resident in.

Fortunately, the team showed their character and are going to distribute to Bitshares Media tokens to those who staked their BTS.

Bitshares Media is a completely separate project from BEOS and a totally different development team. As far as I know, the individuals putting together the BEOS projects are not aligned with Bitshares Media.

Thus, staking the Bitshares netted an individual BEOS, RAM, and some Bitshares Media tokens. This is not such a bad deal.

And now it is time for the proverbial: BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!

@stan just put up a post detailing the next phase called Skyfall.

This is a project that should interest all space cadets since it deals with satellites, floating telescopes, and money from space.

Using a token called Manna (not to be confused with the UBI project of the same name), people who stake BTS and BEOS will receive Manna tokens. These are not going to be on any exchange but, rather, will be used on the website. It is an internal token that can be exchange for a choice of tokens that pertain to projects on BEOS.

At this time, the ones mentioned are RUON, Biquitous, Sovereign Sky, Mission Space, and, BEOS. As more projects join the BEOS system, they might (or might not) be added to the list.

This image shows the basic premise of how it will work.


The period for the Skyfall is 888 days. This is the incentive for those who staked their BTS to keep them in place. At the same time, to alleviate the dumping of BEOS and provide incentive, especially to those who believe in the projects, this token is also going to provide a return simply for HODLing.

For those who are not familiar with this project, BEOS is a middle chain that is being placed between Bitshares and EOS. It is a fork of EOS meaning that all development with that blockchain can be incorporated into BEOS. Also, all Bitshares tokens will, eventually, be able to project into the EOS ecosystem. This should provide a great deal more use cases for the Bitshares network.

The major difference with BEOS is that it will provide jurisdictional ability. This means that those transacting will be able to choose where they want those transactions to occur. In my view, this opens up the doors for institutions since they can determine the exact jurisdiction a transaction occurs. This is necessary if one is required to remain in compliance of regulation.

Skyfall has a rather unique way of determining when the tokens are dropped to those staking. Stan's post provides a good explanation of how it works:

Each time our SpaceQuest satellite passes over our ground station in Alaska it will download Manna tokens to the BEOS wallets of all who are holding BTS and BEOS on the BEOS network. Because Alaska is near the pole we'll get multiple passes per day from our satellite in polar orbit. Every holder of a staked BTS and BEOS token will share in millions worth of Manna tokens to be dropped for 888 lucky days.

Check out his full post complete with explanations of each project.

This is amazing news. Since I followed this project for a while, I am really stoked about what is taking place. When I heard the teasers of another ****fall, I was hoping it would be one of the projects going on BEOS. This tops even my wildest expectation.

The fact that a token is being dropped which can be internally exchanged for any of the projects listed is amazing. This gives the users the choice of which one to support. I would believe there is going to be staking with this to help the projects remain stable.

Here again, we have another example of how the age of abundance is upon us. Tokens keep multiplying, providing individuals with larger stakes. Ultimately, the value compared to fiat (and other base cryptos) will depend upon the development of the projects and what is taking place on them. However, finding one that has a sound team behind it who is intent on creating abundance gives one an inside track.

Once the Skyfall starts this summer, the team then can look to drops pertaining to the development of the Moon, Mars, and asteroid mining.

Perhaps a Martianfall is in our future.

I have to give a lot of credit to the BEOS team and look forward to being a part of this over the next few years as things go live.

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Beos should use steem-engine

I believe Steem-Engine will have Bitshares and EOS based tokens on it eventually.

This means BEOS will be on there since it will be traded on Bitshares.

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Many great projects coming to crypto bro.

So my original plan was to think about moving my Bitshares and BEOS to invest elsewhere, but having just read yours and @stan's post, I think the best option is to do nothing and let the sky fall!

Have you checked out yet? I think this post would have suited a #steemleo tag, space permitting :)