BEOS Rainfall Began Today: 09:27 am EST!

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BEOS Rainfall Distribution has begun today!

Rainfall first distribution.png

Every 7200 blocks starting at block 1209600 is a BEOS rainfall event!

During that block you will see BEOS rainfall tokens appear in wallets (but only if you have "staked" your BTS in a BEOS wallet).

That means at about 27 minutes after the hour every hour, rainfall accumulates.


Need to know more? Here is how to participate in the Rainfall:

Stan's post:
Michael's full Video Walkthrough:

Short video staking walkthrough:

Learn more about BEOS and discuss anything BEOS related:



Congrats !! Successfully tested myself. Working perfectly.
It's raining here in France (more than usual ;) )

Thanks for bringing rain to Greece. It's refreshing!

I need to come back again soon, I love it there.

You are welcome and you know it! ;)

Thank you for the tip and tutorial :)

I'm in! I checked on eos-voter and I have some BEOS! <3

I used your video tutorial to set up my BEOS account. Thanks for the help. Best wishes for continued success with the #BEOS project!

Glad you got in and the videos assisted!

I'm looking for coverage of this in heaps of places but it barely gets mentioned anywhere.

I am staking

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