The Old Dog Asks: Are You Getting Your Free BEOS Coins?

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This BEOS Rainfall is Working Out Great For Me!

I have staked my Bitshares and have been receiving the BEOS rainfall for just 8 of the 89 days that they'll be falling. In fact I've already received about 80% of the number of Bitshares tokens that I staked. Soon I will pass 100%.

I will end up with many more times BEOS than Bitshares at the end of the rainfall and I'll still have all of my Bitshares!

In this screen shot from you can see that under 9% of the coins have been distributed! There's still time for you so that you won't miss out!

Here Are Some Details About This Exciting Project

  • BEOS is an EOS clone 
  • BEOS is a middle chain that sits halfway between Bitshares and EOS
  • It gives Bitshares all of EOS’s capabilities and then some!
  • It gives Bitshares an upgrade in a jurisdictionally agile way!
  • It can put smart contracts in place that don’t execute unless they’re in a jurisdiction that users are comfortable with.
  • Anything that a user can't do in thier home country thery can put in a DAP and have it execute in another country making them compliant
  • If you stake your Bitshares they still belong to you and you can take them back anytime you desire.
  • While your Bitshares are staked you get “rainfall” (share-drops) which most think will be very valuable.
  • There are 2 rainfall periods. The first one is for 89 days and it is the BEOS distribution The second is over 80 weeks and it is RAM distribution
  • BEOS is looking to help 7,8 and 9 figure companies build on their compliant platform.
  • BEOS is backed by a small amount of Quintric gold making it qualify as legal tender!
  • BEOS should provide the perfect place for businesses to build on more cheaply than EOS

What Will BEOS Tokens be Worth in The Future?

The value of BEOS has a floor because the coins are backed by 1 Quint per 1,000,000 BEOS. 

Will it be worth at least a Bitshare? Will it be worth much more? Time will tell but many are excited about the project and the great value that it will add to the space.

You can get your BEOS tokens without cost simply by staking your Bitshares.

To Learn More About BEOS

Thanks for following me on my blockchain travels and I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.  

Until next time,      

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)   


Thank's for the reminder, just staked some BTS to BEOS using this guide

Great work!

BEOS might boost with the concept behind! Congratz you got your treasure!


That's the plan.

Yep... I got my BEOS ;-)
I still have to figure out how to withdraw my BTS, once the whole thing finishes.
Ciao ciao
Steemitri The Mannequin

it's so simple, even a dummy could do it, LoL

Hahahaaaaa, yeah even a dummy like me!!!

I think that it will soon be hate speech to call those of wooden origin "dummies". The correct term among polite people is, of course, "mannequin" and our wooden brothers and sisters should only be referred to by this neutral term that has none of the derogatory connotations of words like "dummy". Please also refrain from calling yourself by that term. It can be psychologically crippling after repeated iterations if it gets into your subconscious (do mannequins have a subconscious?).

Solid points. Thanks for the timely reminder!

I haven't tried it yet but the gateway is open and working well.

Built by Blocktrades so I would expect a quality product.


With BEOS, everything is more beautiful!


If you want to live rich enough in any place, just click the link:


Im loving this rainfall so far

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Getting all of this set up was quite a hassle, but now it's raining BEOS for me. I don't have too much staked, but better in than out!

Argh I'm reading this for the third time to start the process lol

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If I did it you can too. I'm not a tech guy at all!

thanks, that's a relief!. #holdmybeer I GOT THIS!

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if you are having difficulties, the team is actively helping people on their telegram.

Yes the barrier to entry in most of crypto is high in the sense of hassle, frustration, difficulty etc.. It took me hours!

High barrier, high risk high reward!

Lol - high reward - hopefully!

A few pointers from a couple of steem friends set me right. I do like watching the BEOS rain.

Going to 'stake' some more BTS today - better go check if my LTC has cleared.

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finally staked mine yesterday, easy! took a while though

Yes it took me a while too but I'm not a tech guy!

lol nor am i.Iv'e just gotten really good at watching videos step by step since joining crypto. :)

Perhaps I should read through the entire article before my excitement takes over. Went through a numbers of steps to find out that you need at least 500 bitshares for this. Might get back to it later, after some trading.

Thanks for sharing all this info, nevertheless! :>)

Yes there is a fee of 500 BTS (about $30.00) to set up the account. For that you get a real name and it stops name squatters and phishing schemes. It also helps offset the costs of the $500,000.00 spent so far to build BEOS.

For me the cost was well worth it.

It's not necessarily the cost for me ( I already invested most of my money in cryptocurrency and this isn't a lot for me ), it's more about the hassle and number of steps I need to take without knowing what it will actually lead to / bring me.

That, plus having less BTS available and not being a fan of exchanges. I will get there, eventually.

Thank you, old dog!

The staking account is help in cold storage by Blocktrades and can be moved out at will.

Oh lord please don't put it like that... $30! OUCH. I've gone a bit crypto crazy this last month, so that's not a lot in the grand scheme of things but a wake up call for to me to be a little bit careful.

Also a handy indictor for how much BTS I've actually invested cheers.

Risks and rewards. Weigh them and take them......or not!

Here in Switzerland $30 is a pizza and a beer.

P.S. Here in rural Portugal, 30 dollars that is going out for lunch three times ( one drink and dessert included ). I am Dutch though and used to higher prizes but nothing like those in Switzerland.

A move to Portugal might be in my future!

If it ever happens, feel free to reach out

Thank you, I didn't get any notification, even when I thought I was subscribed to their news

Glad that you now know.

I don't know if I have some bitshare forgotten in some exchange, my way to keep crypto is a little bit chaotic...😅
Thanks for sharing and helping my mind to e about that!!

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Have a look.

Already check... No bitshare...😅

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