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RE: Ben Swann - still silent? Supposedly at CBS 46 but not much in the way of new news...

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Did you know, about a year ago, Ben Swann did a video about ''Soldiers who served in Afghanistan stripped of their command for standing up against Afghan men who were sexually abusing young boys''? I did shared it on my Facebook at the time but now the vid doesn't seem to be available anywhere on the Internet anymore.


Yeah all of his videos on facebook, youtube, etc were scrubbed after the Pizzagate episode. His Truthinmedia site went down, his twitter, and facebook accounts were closed.

That's why I keep checking on him.

Bascially he's been able to talk about a lot of controversial stuff for years yet he makes ONE video on Pizzagate and suddenly everything he made is gone. The only way to find his stuff is from copies other people have.

So, I would guess a lot of those vids might have been lost forever. Maybe some people have mirrored some of Reality Check clips on YouTube, but if they haven't name the video with the same title, how could one hope to find it back?

Maybe the wayback machine, but I doubt that would work. I am hoping Ben is still around and has a plan.

He also had a ton of good videos on his site.

It is really curious that this ONE topic which he barely touch on and didn't say was true, just stated it warranted an investigation since there hadn't actually been an investigation, is what caused him to be scrubbed from the internet.

He's done so many controversial posts against some huge groups with massive money. No problems.

Say something about Pizzagate and it's time to wipe him from existence...

I didn't side one way or the other with Pizzagate, but this kind of reaction made me start paying A LOT of attention. Censoring someone is not a good way to get me to stop paying attention. It has the opposite effect.

It is curious indeed. And I also agree about the strange hide and seek attention effect we are feeling and/or witnessing with this whole Pizzagate story. During the very slow and continuous unraveling of this alleged political scandal, I even learned about the Streisand effect, a name for the phenomenon, which I had never heard before.

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