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Wow kewra water i most used in my food like birwani .so am going to share it used and benifit of it .

It is utilized to enhance meats, beverages, and treats in India, extraordinarily the northern part and Southeast Asia. The Khus Ka Sherbat utilizes kewra water.

Desserts like Rasgullas, ras malai and numerous more bengali desserts can be plunged or absorbed kewra water to give it a flower season.

Another application is in the very sweet-smelling rice dishes, uncommonly of the Moghul food.

The most expound rice formulas now and then call for kewra water to be sprinkled over the rice just before serving. · It very well may be joined with other botanical waters, for example, rose water and included together the formula. · It very well may be utilized as a wellbeing drink.

Instructions to Store

Store it in a cool dry place. Unblemished jugs keep up the kind of Kewra for no less than a year at room temperature and 3-4 years under refrigeration. Make sure that you firmly shut the top of the jug.

4 Medical advantages of Kewra water

  1. Kewra is said to have Cell reinforcement properties and helps battle Growth.

  2. Its botanical scent gives a quieting impact, along these lines helps in mental unwinding.

  3. Useful for Skin: Aides in sparkling your skin and making it delicate.

  4. Counteracts Skin inflammation and Pimples: As its a decent skin chemical which expels soil from the skin it anticipates Skin inflammation and Pimples.yeah Friend most used in your food like biryani .IMG_20180830_123730.jpg.


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