so many benefits of fruit, one of which is pineapple fruit.

Pineapple is one tropical plant that reaches 5-8 feet high and spreads about 3-4 feet radius, leaves pointed needles, and fruit skin is rough and slightly sharp. Scientifically, this fruit is known by the name Ananas Comosus and belongs to the family Bromeliaceae, in the genus Ananas. The benefits of pineapple are very diverse, and have been widely researched by experts.

The fruit originally came from the local indigenous Paraguayan population of South America, then brought to Spain when Columbus discovered the continent of America in 1493. In the 15th and 16th centuries, it spread throughout the world by European sailors who took it with them to protect themselves from scurvy disease, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency

The benefits of health and treatment of pineapple so much, including the ability to improve respiratory health, cure coughs and colds, improve digestion, help lose weight, strengthen bones, improve and maintain oral health, improve eye health, reduce inflammation, can prevent cancer, heart, fight infection and parasites and can improve or improve the immune system.

Here are 30 Benefits of Pineapples for Health and Beauty

  1. Helps Treat Arthritis

  2. Improving Immunity

  3. Creating Collagen

  4. Prevent Cancer

  5. Supporting Digestive Health

  6. Helps Cure Cough and Cold

  7. Maintain Bone Health

  8. Maintain oral health

  9. Helps Maintain Eye Health

  10. Helps Set Blood Pressure

  11. Maintaining Blood Circulation

  12. Effective Solution for Acne

  13. Helps Skin Look Younger

  14. Brighten Faces

  15. Overcoming the Footprints Broken-Split

  16. Beautify and Strengthen Nails

  17. Helping Take Care of Skin Beauty

  18. Overcoming Broken Lips

  19. Prevent Hair Loss

  20. Overcoming Itching on Scalp

  21. Helps Thick Hair Growth

  22. Prevent Damage from Free Radicals

  23. Keeping Healthy Gums

  24. As an Anti-Inflammatory

  25. Helps Heal Sinusitis, Sore Throat, Uric Acid, Swelling

  26. Help Prevent Atherosclerosis

  27. Helps Relieve Nausea In Pregnant Women

  28. Helps Cleanse the Parasites in the Intestine

  29. Help Overcoming Catarrh

  30. Helps Treat Bronchitis

So much is not it, the benefits of pineapple is good for our body, ranging from skin care, hair, nails and most importantly able to help treat or prevent from various diseases.

So what are you waiting for, start eating these gorgeous tropical fruits, and feel the health benefits from now on!





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