Payments sent! @bellyrubbank Earn 45% APR 50 SBD/STEEM

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Payments sent!

@bellyrubs Bi-weekly payment has been paid out to the users who deposited in the time frame of 8-14 through 8-15.
Reminder payment is done Bi-weekly.

Below is the First Payment from the Bank since it opened, Thank you to all you deposited to make @bellyrub even more great and to be able to give out Big bellyrubs to all steemians!

bellyrubbank paymet 28th.PNG

Next Round of payments is scheduled for 9-01! Deposits made in the time frame of 8-16 through 8-19.

Thank you again to all who deposited and Helping out The bellyrubber him self @ Bellyrub!

If you want to earn 45 % APR on your Steem or SBD Make sure to follow steps below.


50 SBD/Steem Minimum Don't want to keep track of small amounts.
Deposits will be held for 3 months.
45% APR
Funds will be used to advance @bellyrub for higher SteemPower.
Dividend payments will be sent out on a bi-weekly bases which is divided into 6 payments this includes your original deposit plus interest.

How to Invest/Deposit to @bellyrub

Send a minimum of 50 SBD/Steem to @bellyrubbank (It can be more)
In the Memo Section make sure you include (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
Let me know in @zeartul

After that watch @bellyrub's belly getting bigger and your account as well.


More & More Deposits arrive at The @Bellyrubbank

Since @Bellyrubbank got founded about 4 weeks ago, we could see more and more Accounts getting opened every single day. In the meanwhile the Deposits of fellow Steemians increased to a total of more than 3000 SBD. This being said I want to outline ones again, that all those Deposits are handled very carefully and are exclusively used to improve the Service offered by @Bellyrub, which is as well producing the profits for all Dividend Payments.

Payments are Done

As Dividends are paid bi-weekly the first Users could already enjoy their first Payment from the @Bellyrubbank. Some, like @sevinwilson, @robert-call and @neoxian seem to be so excited, that they already reinvested their first payout and even added some more SBD to their initial Deposit.

In case you´ve made your Deposit on the 16. or 19. August, then you´ll be eligible to receive your first Dividend Payment on the Sept 1st. In case you´ve made your Deposit later, please don´t worry as the Payment Dates will be announced regularly.

How to open a Deposit Account at the @Bellyrubbank?

To open your Deposit Account and earn some real interest on your SBD from now on, you´ll simply have to send at least 50 SBD or more to @bellyrubbank, while mentioning "Bank Deposit, 3 Month" in the Memo field. Please note that smaller amounts won´t be accepted in order to keep the workload as low as possible.

Terms & Conditions of the @Bellyrubbank?

Minimum Deposit 50 SBD
Maximum Deposit ---
Dividend Payments Bi-Weekly
APR 45.00%
Effective ROI in 3 months 11.25%


Start earning real Appreciations on your SBD from now on!

Deposit 50 SBD or more to the @Bellyrubbank today

I´ll always give my best for YOU!

Vote @Zeartul for Witness


Hi @bellyrubbank, I am very interested to use your services and would like to open an account. Please look out for my deposit. Thank you.

Hi @zeartul and @bellyrubbank - I sent funds yesterday to join up and use your services - can I just check if you have received them and if all is alright?

i would know what warranty we have, cause i'm thinking at it.
Not bad for a passive income, but i have doubt about security/trust..

The warranty is the profit that @bellyrub makes, :)

thanks for reply @reartul , i know you are the creator of it and i appreciate your answer.
I have couple question, i would like to know where does our sbd goes? ( power up or somewhere else? )
And how @bellyrub makes profit to guarantee 45% return per year?
Thanks for your answers, i'm trying to understand better how it works to let me invest in it! :)

I would also like an answer to this question: what is @bellyrub doing with the money that it can guarantee such a high percentage?

Then delegate your SP @bellyrub 1500+ though, until further notice. Shazam!

@ghostcode , what are you saying? o.O
My question was serious..

My answer was serious. What else would you like to know about this bank offer?
I think 45% is the best deal we're going to get within house right here, right now.

i hope that the % return is great, my question was " what stops bellyrub to go away with our money?" , and " how it profits from our money?".
Serious answer, we are here to discuss and understand :)

You need to understand what 'delegation' means. It means YOU control your investment, and only you can cancel the delegation to return to your wallet without anyone stopping you from doing so. It takes 7 days to get your money back and that is a Steemit rule (for now). 1500 SP Min otherwise take the Transfer Steem/SBD route. But this way, you always own what you loan.

i don't want to delegate cause it pays me just 1 steem every 250 sp.
i would like to invest sbd, not delegation power!
I have respect for anyone, just asking questions.

Well then, Zeartul has just changed the rules within days of talking to him on Discord.

I am getting 45% delegating SP. Now it's half?

I am not going to try to sale you on depositing you can sit on the sidelines and see for your self, What stops me from paying is I am paying for the delegation delegated to bellyrub.

hmm.. Next time send me a message before you send out sbd, I gave you a vote but not 100%

A Steem Bank? Looks interesting! :)

The biggest talk around, I would be saving up my SBD and utilize your service, this is genius, hahahahaha... now you would see the floodgates of banks opening soon...

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hmm ive always hated banks, maby this will be the first one i can deal with haha

Payment found, thanks! Was thinking on investing 20 again, but 50 is out of my reach for now :-/

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I deposited 20 SBD 4 day ago , but now minimum deposit 50 SBD , is my deposit accepted ? and you said you give 100% upvote who deposit , but you not give any upvote.

You are fine.

The 100% was before the 21st

That's a nice service, will send some SBD tomlmorrow or so.

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