Payment sent! @bellyrubbank earn 45% APR

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First Payments sent!

@bellyrubs first Bi-weekly payment has been paid out to the users who deposited in the time frame of 8-4 through 8-12.
Reminder payment is done Bi-weekly.

Below is the First Payment from the Bank since it opened, Thank you to all you deposited to make @bellyrub even more great and to be able to give out Big bellyrubs to all steemians!

2 hours ago Transfer 3.700 SBD to hot-girls
2 hours ago Transfer 3.700 SBD to cikxaijen
2 hours ago Transfer 4.630 SBD to stefanmoe
2 hours ago Transfer 4.630 SBD to emergehealthier
2 hours ago Transfer 5.560 SBD to g-dubs
2 hours ago Transfer 7.410 SBD to fiveboringgames
2 hours ago Transfer 9.270 SBD to longfield98
2 hours ago Transfer 9.270 SBD to ratticus
2 hours ago Transfer 9.270 SBD to neoxian
2 hours ago Transfer 46.350 SBD to sevinwilson
2 hours ago Transfer 187.500 SBD to robert-call

Next Round of payments is scheduled for 8-28! Deposits made in the time frame of 8-14 through 8-15.

Thank you again to all who deposited and Helping out The bellyrubber him self @ Bellyrub!

If you want to earn 45 % APR on your Steem or SBD Make sure to follow steps below.


20 SBD/Steem Minimum Don't want to keep track of small amounts.
Deposits will be held for 3 months.
45% APR
Funds will be used to advance @bellyrub for higher SteemPower.
Dividend payments will be sent out on a bi-weekly bases which is divided into 6 payments this includes your original deposit plus interest.

How to Invest/Deposit to @bellyrub

Send a minimum of 20 SBD/Steem to @bellyrubbank (It can be more)
In the Memo Section make sure you include (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
Let me know in @zeartul

After that watch @bellyrub's belly getting bigger and your account as well.

Vote @zeartul for witness


Great initiative. Waiting to stack those SBD so I can get in on the deal of the century!

I think you might have your first re-investment! :D

Have any others reinvested?

Yes some of the big ballers.

Like LaVar Ball Big Ballers?

That is great news!

Where is @bellyrubbank @zearful ?

I want to earn because I have some medical needs.

Thank you.

Contact me through zeartul no f

Do I have to register there anew? @zearful ?
Or I can login there with my credentials here?

I sent you a message on discord go there.

OK Thank you

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