@bellyrubbank 31 Active Deposits First payment the 21st. Deposit and receive a 100% vote from zeartul

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@bellyrubbank 31 Active Deposits First payment the 21st. Deposit and receive a 100% vote from zeartul

31 Active Deposits First payment the 21st. Deposit and receive a 100% from zeartul
Bellyrub deposits go to account @bellyrubbank

A quick update on that good old @bellyrubbank, share profits from bellyrub! 45% APR nice chunk. A lot better than having SBD or Steem sitting in your account not collecting interest but dust.

Current @bellyrubbank Deposits.

1: 1000.000 SBD from robert-call Bank Deposit, 3 Month
2: 250.000 SBD from sevinwilson Bank Deposit, 3 Month
3: 50.000 SBD from neoxian Bank Deposit, 3 Month
4: 50.000 SBD from ratticus Bank Deposit, 3 Months
5: 50.000 SBD from longfield98 Bank Deposit, 3 Month
6: 40.000 SBD from fiveboringgames Bank Deposit, 3 Month
7: 30.000 SBD from g-dubs Bank Deposit, 3 Month
8: 25.000 SBD from emergehealthier Bank Deposit, 3 Month
9: 25.000 SBD from stefanmoe Bank Deposit, 3 month
10: 20.000 SBD from cikxaijen Bank Deposit, 3 Month
11: 20.000 SBD from hot-girls Bank Deposit, 3 Month
12: 120.000 SBD from colinbrazendale Bank Deposit, 3 Month
13: 20.000 SBD from marty-art Bank Deposit, 3 Month
14: 75.000 SBD from rekaa Bank Deposit, 3 Month
15: 20.000 SBD from webresultat Bank Deposit, 3 Month
16:50.000 SBD from jtimko23 Bank Deposit, 3 Month
17: 30.000 SBD from swssmarketing Bank Deposit, 3 Month
18: 50.000 SBD from janusface Bank Deposit, 3 Month
19: 20.000 SBD from wheatdogg Bank deposit, 3 month
20: 80.000 SBD from swelker101 Bank Deposit, 3 Month
21: 35.000 SBD from solarsherpa Bank Deposit, 3 Month
22: 50.000 SBD from xyzashu (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
23: 650.000 STEEM from stackin (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
24: 25.000 STEEM from brandonp (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
25: 1000.000 SBD from joeblack1 (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
26: 30.000 STEEM from naysayer Bank Deposit, 3 Month
27: 50.000 SBD from whatsup 3 month deposit
28: 25.000 SBD from nepd Bank Deposit, 3 Month
29: 100.000 SBD from d-pend Bank Deposit, 3 Month
30: 20.000 STEEM from gikitiki (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
31: 25.000 SBD from isohero Bank Deposit, 3 Month

If you would like to deposit please send to @bellyrubbank with a memo ( Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
Payments are done bi-weekly. First payment will be done on the 21st of August.


20 SBD/Steem Minimum Don't want to keep track of small amounts.
Deposits will be held for 3 months.
45% APR
Funds will be used to advance @bellyrub for higher SteemPower.
Dividend payments will be sent out on a bi-weekly bases.

How to Invest/Deposit to @bellyrub

Send a minimum of 20 SBD/Steem to @bellyrubbank (It can be more)
In the Memo Section make sure you include (Bank Deposit, 3 Month)
Let me know in steem.chat @zeartul

After that watch @bellyrub's belly getting bigger and your account as well.

Vote @zeartul for witness


It seems like just a few days ago there were only a handful of us! You have built up quite the clientele for this! Do early depositors get the 100% upvote? Haha

Yea it has been growing!

Mind if I ask how they will get a profit from this?

I'm tempted to go and some SBD. I think join next month. I'll save up all my sbd and use that to invest next round.

Its a good nice chunk of income : )

Not a bad business. It is feasible. 45% of 20steems is about 8steems in three. I think it is realizable.

I have deposited 20 SBD. will deposit more as I get the hang of how it works. Do we get our principal back after 3 months?

He will give u the interest and principal back every 2 week for 3 month you will get about 11% for ur money.

No interest payments yesterday? I though the first payment will happen on the 21st?

Payment is bi-weekly.
First payout was today if you were due a bi-weekly payment.
The bank started its payouts today.

Ok, thank you. :)

Hmmm, I hadn't thought of investing in something like this but it's very tempting. Within a few weeks you can expect another investor! Thanks for sharing, I actually just found you thru an upvote on a post I was reading. Very cool, thanks again!

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