Is it not in biding mode?

  • You have bean upvoted from team #promo-egypt part of #promo-steem.

    As a token of gratitude of your great art and happy thanksgiving .

    Good jop friends

    Thanks for this information.

    what you mean any post is welcome? can we just put a link here ? Per example this 1 ? :-) ?

    This is a bid bot - whoever bids the most gets the vote I believe.

    Ohw !! than they will not be happy with my comment here. Maybe better take it away?

    I wouldnt worry about it! Seems like a good like to your freewrite, I'll go check it out 😆

    i take the chance :-)

    where can i read about this service? Thanks for posting/

    I notice a delay in voting, as it was determined 1.2 hours
    Does it mean that the vote does not perform, according to the specified time previously?

    Thumbs up @bellyrub!

    @bellyrub missed a vote please send a refund: