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in #bellyrub4 years ago

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For those who don't know, @bellyrub recently went through a change of ownership and is currently in default on payments through @bellyrubbank. @bellyrub has downvoted my prior attempts to post this, look at his old posts.

Read this:

Upvoting myself for visibility.

This is a scam. @bellyrub has gone rogue, is abusing and scamming the network, and downvoting people who point it out.

You're an abuser of people's gullibleness ... you should be ashamed

I try when you are in 90% and now you are in 70% but I dont get any vote!! while you vote your self!!!! in 3 post you upvote yourself and you dont upvote the members who sent you sbd ! I hope you vote us or refund us and explain us how and when we can use you???????

What about NO!!!

Looks scammy! 2x then 3x and will go 4x and then 5x and then no upvote and all the money of authors gone!

He did get me 2x but that was a risky thing to do, i guess he decided not to scam me....idk

Lots of big upvotes for comments. I ordered the double but didnt quite get a full double. Got really close so was happy. Totally down to get another deal but watching what happens with steemity-beuty.

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Hi @bellyrub, you are not vote my post yet. Please give my sbd back

I think its time to call the bot-killers. Can someone do the honours??

This is robbing in day light..

Is this really a scam? Is it better not to use bellyrub's services?

Bellyrub has changed ownership. So yup, this is a scam.. unless the new owner clarifies what is going on, consider it a scam

@bellyrub I Transferred 0.500 SBD to you to upvote my post

But now it's been 12 hours ago and there is no upvote and NOR I got any refund.

Could you please refund my money, I earned every cent of it by posting everyday - commenting on others post earned it by getting 0.01 so it's my EARNED money, if can upvote then it's great but if you can't then please Refund my money

really you try to make 10SBD from reall hard working people who try to make some money out of it you need to be ashame of your self stealing money by promising them upvotes but giving them SH#T

Ooooooh bellyrub why you scam us why you dont vote us why why why!!!!! You must refund all the steemians and go. Steemit is for transparency person not for you

or @bellyrub That's true

After checking @themarkymark post, it is difficult to trust the service.

I think the times of voting bots are getting over and we should be relying mostly on quality posts...

I was a fan of @bellyrub but after ownership change and all the shady activities around, I personally do not consider this as a good investment.

I don't even know who is behind bellyrub now..

Waiting on a 3x Upvote

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Wao! This is a Good offer
Kudos to @bellyrub and team for keeping this community growing

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@bellyrub: I was transferred the amount of 1 SBD for upvote my post but I have not yet receive the vote of my post, so please upvote my post, I will be very thankful to you.
I am sending the link of my post:
So please give the vote of my post or send back my 1SBD please


he scammed everyone

Scam Alert

I've created a quick alert for the community. Please help spreading the word.


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your avery post is amazing ..i ;like your post.,,,vote to me please

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