Bellyrub to square one, but better than ever.

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Many have noticed the last couple of days since Halloween (5 days), @bellyrub received a delegation from the account @freedom of 2.5 MIllion SteemPower which was massive which made @bellyrub the strongest bidbot with a vote value of $250 Dollars wow!

Well since than there have been many issues with other members regarding this delegation, and some other accounts followed our steps to get some power. The purpose of a bidbot is an auction style, the issue with high bids and not so good content being voted on by @bellyrub is also not great for steemit.

Here is a a break down of the daily steem being created for a days work on steemit.

64K steem is allocated daily from the rewards pools, some have taken it upon their self's to consider a post $100+ to be too high of a reward for that post. Keep in mind there is 64K steem a day for posts.

Many have come and sent in anger issues with @bellyrub alone this is due it again it being the biggest auction bot on steemit since of 2 hours ago.

@bellyrub has gotten back down to 200K + SP, which is perfectly fine. We are working hard to get it back up to even higher than what it was, but we will be in control of the SP form outside investors.

Keep in mind the integration for spam accounts will still be in place, this will only make @bellyrub stronger and bigger and better, we are the innovators of the steemit block chain, @bellyrub headquarters are responsible for building the bitbot community, and will continue to make it grow.

@bellyrub will never self-vote, never sells votes privately, and we provide 100% of our VP to belly's bidding windows so users can feel safe the whole 100% will be used for them, no manipulation of window times and amounts will be done by bellyrub's operators.


Why did your voting value become so low? I bitted 10 Steemdollars and recieved a 20% vote from you that was only like 5-6 worth of value. I think I got more once just for 2% from you s few days back.

@bellyrub has gotten back down to 200K + SP

The Steem Power of @bellyrub went down because @freedom undelegated. @bellyrub's vote is now worth much less.

@zeartul what is wrong with the bot. I have bid $6 SBD and only got $4.20 that's a whooping lose of $1.80 on my latest POST

A lose of $0.36 on this POST

2 consecutive loses... I think @bellyrub will become @bellyrob

It's a bidding bot so you never know how much you will get. Every 2.4 hours a 100% upvote is bid on. If A bids 30 STEEM and B bids 60 STEEM, A gets one-third of the upvote (33%). In some cases it's profitable, in others it's not.

Edit: See my reply to @danile666

This is not what happened though, the delegated SP on the bot dropped from 2.5million SP to 250k. a couple rounds went by with it that low, and a few hours later @zeartul made a post stating it would be lower SP...I am trying to contact him and @bellyrub for a refund, but havent been able to. I lose much more than 6 SBD on this and am getting really anxious.

Ah, I see; you guys voted during the period where @freedom and @bellyrub reduced delegation. I'm not sure if @zeartul will offer refunds, but I hope you guys get fair compensation :)

@bellyrob hahaha genius, I love it!

Hello @bellyrub @zeartul i sent 10 SBD for bidding and got $3.10 worth upvote from it... Why such a huge difference?

waoooo great @bellyrub, you have already done great efforts for community and now with your strongest vote power we hope more best from you.your help and support to newbies and minnows is appreciated. keep it up. I always prefer your bot.
Steem On...!

Read the post first dummy:P

I am desperately trying to reach your @zeartul regarding recieving an upvote from the lower voting round when I bid prior to your post here. Please reach out, I am freaking out over here.

Hey so I made a bid when the bellyrub was at 2.5million and the bot gave me an upvote at the 250k. I lost a lot of SBD due to this, can you help me out? Everything should be in your wallet logs.

@zeartul can you respond. I lost what equates to a lot of money for me on this sudden change and I'm tripping out. Can you check the wallet and issue a refund like you've done others please?

I've reached out in multiple posts. On ur wallet. On ur discord. And through steam chat. I just don't know how to reach you and get this resolved.

The bot said over 2m steem power. And wallet showed the same. I bid. Then the bot gave me an update at 250k steem dollars. Shortly after this post was made.

I really lost a bunch on this one. Please.reach out and let me know about a refund.

wish i realised before i sent 10 SBD and got a vote worth $1...

How is the best way to reach you for a refund if this happened? Cause I had it happen to me too, and have no idea the best way to make it work. Thanks man.

aww, i wasnt expecting it but thank ye sir

It also just happened to me. Well it wasnt much but as a newbie in this site...its a lot. 1sbd.

Congratulations @zeartul! You have received a vote as part of @raserrano donation to this project.
I will be able to help more #minnows

I used you but i dont receive any vote. I hope you refund me please and i m waiting the news from you.
All the best

Woooow I receive a refund really you are the best at all. Thank you very much :)

You are lucky. Me, I don't get a refund for my 3 SBD. I get a 1.6 SBD vote.

I never got a up-vote or a refund when I transferred 1.000 SBD to bellyrub for list post. Could I get a refund?

How much is the smallest bid?


Did not receive vote on a bid 4 hours ago

received a bid now, and earned significantly less than 1 SBD that I paid, bummer

Thank You @bellyrub I always prefer your bot.

I didnt get a vote for 13sdb or refund more than 24h ago. Please check the logs. I see there is more people in my situation so i hope resolving this is in progress

I got the refund. Thanks!

@bellyrub can i have a refund of 1sbd . I sent it last 2 days thanks.

I hope you acknowledge our concern of refund. Im a newbie and want to try this bellyrub. Unfortunately i did not put any url to the link box. Thanks @zeartul

@zeartul @bellyrub im waiting for the refund ?
What happen? Others who comment here already receive the sbd they send how about us?

I bid $1 and got upvote worth of 0.1. How does this correspond to your policies? This is the reason, I will not use your services anymore, unless you explain what is wrong.

I was send you 0.500 sbd but you can't upvote me so please upvote me.

2.500 SBD was sent to @bellyrub. Upvote worth 0.20 cents dude lolz?=! Anyways, it was this link, . And feel free to check my wallet for the BID as well. Cheers

thanks @bellyrub love

Not pleased with this new update, and not sure exactly what you are doing?! receiving less than 50% of what is sent is not cool

wow that @freedom guy has a ton of steem.... That can't be good for steemit... Doesn't seem to be delegating wisely either... Anyone else see a problem with stuff like this?

It was great while it lasted. Thanks

Yesterday was my first day to use your services and I didn't like it. I sent 2.565 sbds only to get an upvote worth less than two. Not complaining but you may want to fix that.

When you will come back! any news? @bellyrub @zeartul

Wow you got 2.5 mil sp delegated for just 550 sbd per day? You made serious bank out of that lol

@bellyrub hi guys i think u migth have missed my vote on this

3 hours ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to bellyrub

I have bid $1.001 and only got $0.88 that’s a whooping lose of $0.12 on my post. Why ? @bellyrub


hello - i see you have increased your minimum to 1 SBD and i didnt know that when i sent 0.75 to you 8 hours ago- please send back my money as the last time i used you the minimum was 0.5 and i have been a good customer for many months --thank you very much and sorry to cause a hassle - have a great day -David. Also -if you prefer i can send another 0.25 if that helps to complete the upvote --whatever is easier for you

@bellyrub i sent 20 sbd but received only 9.80$ vote :(

@zeartul[email protected] congrats for whopping steem power👍
I understand there r some ups n down going on and many have incur few losses of there good posts. No doubt you gonna come back strongly.....strong enough to RUB all the wounds...😁
I wud suggest once u b consider few older posts for biddding (atleast 2 days) alongwith the current posts.
It will help the minnows who incurred losses certain recovery (bellylove) also you will get more bidding.

I put in another bid for 1 sbd and got far less in the upvote from bellyrub. This happened once before, and I appreciate the refund I received. Should I wait to use bellyrub until adjustments are made?

Really it is not worth the price sending SBD to get so little, better use minnowsupport for the same result without sending SBD. Never again.

I was also ripped of by @booster the same way !! And there's no way to get a hold of anybody ! I even tried messaging @freedom with no reply ! Everyone's getting ripped of and nothing is being done about it . We don't even get replies back .

Hi @bellyrub team! Yesterday I sent you 2.0SBD and I only received less than I paid, please explain how it was calculated.

randowhale can sleep some more...

Your department has become a scam. We receive our votes hours late and they are worth less than what we send! Many bots make a refund in this case but not you. That is why I am asking for a refund of 1.39 SBD.
You even had everything bugged on the steem vote tracker. The vote was supposed to happen and it was on shore long after, and pedant that time people arrived and the votes were worth less.
Thank you for your understanding.
Don't say me "it is a bid bot, it is normal..." because the vote is late!

bellyrub i send you 1 sbd but you not upvote me for this link

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