Still waiting on a response or a refund from this Upvote.

Many others are too...

Refunds are being done.

It takes seconds to do a refund, not 19 hours, and still no refund, considering all that has happened over the last few days, bellyrub has lost all its integrity. I imagine a lot of flagging will occur on your account, a number of posts by whales warning that bellyrub is now controlled by a scammer, says a lot. Make things right, return the funds, and operate with integrity...

help please @bellyrub still waiting for refund yesterday i send 2sbd

I had a bid during that time. The percentage I was supposed to be voted with according to bot tracker was 2.16% but I got only 1.1%.

Could you please correct the vote?
Isn't there any compensation for those affected during the time that @bellyrub breaks down?

Thank you very much for looking into this :)

I have no idea how the bot tracker works, we do not run it.

That still doesnt mean not to care about your customers who were inconvenienced by the downtime which was caused by you guys, does it?

Thanks for the reply :)

It means you used an external service (a bot tracker) that bellyrub does not support to tell you the vote percent. It wasn't @bellyrub who told you it would vote with 2.16% but some random bot you used.

To put things in perspective; Would you just give 100 USD to a stranger because yet another stranger (who has nothing to do with any of this) told you it would be a good idea? Then be mad at the person you gave money to for not sticking to what the other complete stranger had said? It's bullocks.

If @bellyrub would have told you it would vote with 2.16%, it would. That's true customer support, @bellyrub does what he says. But @bellyrub didn't tell you that, did he?

I mean, this way you could blame @bellyrub because he didn't give you a 100% upvote for 1 SBD, because someone on the street you've never met told you it would.


First of all, if @bellyrub tells me the window of the bid and the percentage I will get from bidding in that window, I will not use some "random" bot service.

Second, the blockchain information are transparent. Hence, the so called "random" bot tracker would be able to track the info more accurately, that is if @bellyrub's people didn't break their bot because they are trying to make some changes in the middle of the bidding window time.

Third of all, not using services like the bot tracker is the number 1 reason behind the idiocy and the losses we see in bidding. Unless bidbots mean to break their service to make people bid more and lose their money, which is beneficial to the bot owners!

Fourth, some owners of the bid bots use this "random" bot service admitting its usefulness to them. So, if you and @bellyrub don't know about it, maybe you should start learning about it now.

Fifth, the transparency of the blockchain system is what makes it decentralized, meaning that if someone on the streets of the blockchain told me something about @bellyrub. Their info should be accurate, unless @bellyrub screwed up this info by getting broken.

Hence, its @bellyrub's responsibility to be transparent and if they screwed the transparency, they should should be responsible enough to compensate their customers for it.

Please, don't tell me your "nonsense" when transparency should be the issue addressed here.

Again, bellyrub didn't give you anything but "I vote every 2.4h with 100%vote distributed to bidders."

Yes, bot tracking is useful, but everytime you check how much you "were to make", another person could have placed a bid, resulting in a lower upvote strength.

I don't believe there's an issue with @bellyrub's script. (although at this moment it again appears to be either offline or malfunctioning.)

It's the same script dr.otto, booster, ... ... ... use. And who would've guessed, the same script the bot trackers are scripted to use in their calculations.

but everytime you check how much you "were to make", another person could have placed a bid, resulting in a lower upvote strength.

True and I would have seen that (as I did many times before and never raised the issue), except that @bellyrub got broken for a long time and was not traceable anymore.

I don't believe there's an issue with @bellyrub's script. (although at this moment it again appears to be either offline or malfunctioning.)

What sort of dichotomy is this?
There was a problem with @bellyrub's script at the time of my bid. As you can see from the title of this post and the previous post form @bellyrub.

Thank you for this conversation so far. I see no reason for further discussion. Apparently there is some sort of bias here. To heck with transparency I guess!

well hell no :D Transparency above all, obviously, otherwise what's the point behind Steem or any blockchain really?

I just believe that @bellyrub is not to be blamed for things outside it's "power", considering he is (albeit slow, which yes, I agree is fu**ed up) at least doing refunds for when the bot was down...

You raise solid arguments tho. And I agree with most, but as much as I love bot trackers myself, they are sadly prone to new bids after your bid :<

And yes, thank you also for the discussion! :D (Oh man, WHERE ELSE do you get into an "argument" and at the end the people thank each other and pay respect to one another instead of just cursing and swearing and threatening and stuff. Love it ^^ Have an upvote :D)

Hello @bellyrub
I didn't receive upvote or refund.
Please fix that sent 23 hours before 15 SBD for

Good news BTW
@bellyrub I got a question: Can I send more than 0.5 SBD, if yes then what's the max amount?

And (the max amount) is it vary on daily basis or remains the same?
Please answer my questions :)

So you are still down, right ? Until next update ?

time to start using bellyrub more

Nice post @bellyrub. Thanks for sharing.

Please in your next update include more details of your service for those of us who just started following you. Thanks

I really like your posts with good pictures of satisfying essay.

What are you mental? Where do you see a fkg essay!? These types of comments on steemit tick me off.

I just tried this for my first time and I was very happy with it. I will definitely continue to use it. Profits are based on participation, so the more that are in, the better we do. I hear that keeping your donations at 15.0 or lower is the preferred way to do things to keep everyone happy.

Thank you for all the wonderful services you have provided!!

I like instant vote. I hope you get it all figured out.

I miss @randowhale.

We are working on it.

I have send to you 3 SBD yesterday but not get any response. below mention link for reference.

I did not receive my upvote for this post. Can help me check? Thank you.

if cannot upvote pls refund me thanks

Hi @bellyrub. How exactly your bot works? I'd like to avail of your services.thanks.

I sent 2 steem last night when you said you would take it as 1 to 1 sbd, still waiting for refund....

I sent 3 sbd but no upvote recieved. Pls refund. Memo was

I sent 1sbd yesterday and I haven't been refunded yet

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