Bella - Finding the right spot

in bella •  last year

I just can't find a comfortable spot on this couch. I might have to go upstairs to the master bedroom. My afternoon nap could be ruined!

I have an instagram account
Smell you later !

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haha i hope you found a compfortable spot in the end :P

how old are you btw ?


I did manage to find it :)
I'm ten months old.
1 Year old party coming up soon !! 🐶🎂

Couldn't even find a comfortable spot after taking up the ENTIIIIIIIIRE couch? Obviously a new couch needs to be bought. Or a cushiony bed thing to be put on the couch for extra cushioning. Let your humans know this is imperative ;D



I have found a spot eventually, but it seems I need a bigger couch.
We'll see if the human gets my hints 🐶