From a slave to a master, chapter # 26 - the hidden beliefs, part IV

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A Memoir

Prologue: I ended the last chapter of my memoir with the question “but how can one believe in TrueLove?! Don’t you see what’s going on in the world?! So many collapsing relationships and divorces, so much physical abuse, so many lonely souls. How can one believe, how?!”

Here I am explaining how and on the way describe what may happen when the human encounters God.


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To a point, you are certainly right. The difficulty to believe can be very real. The outer reality may show you a pile of evidence contrary to what you know, fee, inside to be real. However, remember, the outside is a grand illusion. A belief, any belief, and especially when you root a new one that only recently you adopted, takes time to be manifested in the reality. Forget about what others think, forget about the world around you, don’t watch TV for a while, refrain from reading newspapers - what counts is your private beliefs-system since that is your first step (among very few) that will lead you to the path towards the kingdom.

So focus on your new beliefs, or even better - release all of them!

A belief can sometimes be rather elusive and frustrating as the following story shows:

An old American lady heard that once a month, every month, a group of monks gathers in Tibet, in the Himalayas, to converse with God. That is, they ask questions and God answers. She immediately packed her belongings and with the remainder of the money she had she bought a plane ticket and reported to the next gathering to see with her own eyes that unbelievable miracle.

And indeed, at the scheduled day and time the monks gathered, accompanied by some other foreigners like her, and after a few minutes of silence God – in flesh – entered the room. Following some mutual greetings, they all set down and began the questions and answers session. The American lady was shocked and she could not believe what she was experiencing. God was there, right before her, speaking and talking, sharing and laughing and all with a human voice. If she had enough strength she would surely get up to touch God’s feet.

The mike roamed among the people and when it reached the old lady she fearfully stood up and with a shaking voice, as her old feet trembled, she said:

“Oh, mighty God, dear God, I have been looking for you for so many years. Many nights I have cried for you to answer me and sometimes I was even angry with you. Oh God, my life is falling apart, my husband died recently and I feel so lonely, my children live so far away and I barely see them, I don’t have any money and I hardly made it up to here. My pastor has always told me to believe in God that one day would come and help me. Oh, God, I am so miserable, if only you knew how much”.

The old lady paused and God winked, but she didn’t notice that. Instead, she took a deep breath and when she realized that God was really listening to her she continued:

“Oh, God, all my life I wanted so much to believe that you existed. I desired that with all my heart. Why didn’t you give me a signal, just a little clue that you were really there; perhaps a little angel to whisper in my heart; maybe a winning in the lottery, or even perhaps your voice in the middle of the night. If you only gave me that little sign I would believe in you years ago and would become your greatest believer in the whole world!!”

God looked down at the old dear woman that stood in front of him. He put his hand on top of her head, bent down and said so everybody could hear: “Dear one, life does not work like that, you know… If You had only believed in God in the first place you would have gotten by now the sign you so eagerly desired!


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I'm not sure that God
requires Faith or belief
he just weighs it all


I'm not sure that God
Requires Faith or belief
He just weighs it all

                 - primal-buddhist

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


That certainly depends
on the god at stake;
If it's God then I beg you different,
but if "god" , then I'm with you totally
for "he" is you!

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Believe and have faith! ❤😊
Believe and achieve!😉

nice lesson and thougts..

Meaning posts. I love you