Zwakala Craft Brewery Polokwane:

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Zwakala Craft Brewery Polokwane:

As most of you would know, my wife and I took a weekend break to the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The real purpose of this trip was to visit a Craft Brewery named Zwakala, which means come closer and that is exactly what I did, I went to visit. The Brewery is approximately 300km away from my house, thus it is a 600km round trip. To get to the Brewery, we had to drive over a gravel road, through a forest, this brewery is definately of the beaten track.
We drove with my wife's VW Polo, which did a rather good job off-roading!! Just look at the road, not exactly smooth sailing!!
After a rather rough drive, we finally arrived at the brewery!! I needed some cold beer, to wash down the dust from my throat!!
At the brewery, you buy your beer, over the counter with the brewing tanks right there, in the background, you cannot get much closer to the source than this!!
Below you can see the beer taps as well as a Gin tap, and our very friendly barman, this guy was really friendly and was passionate about the brewery and their beers!!
I started with the Zwakala Lager, pictured below, it did not have much of a head as can be seen. The beers are unfiltered, and tastes quite good, I liked this one!!
Below you can see the story of this brewery. The brewery was built in an old work shed!!
My wife and I strolled around on the premises, as you can see this brewery is built in very beautiful surroundings.
Some more of the beautiful surroundings where this brewery is situated.
An artistic photo of the half full glass, luckily there are tanks full of the good stuff, should your glass become empty.
The bar tender, who is also the assistant brew-master showed us around and explained the beer brewing process to us.
The next beer was a Zwakala Moringa, moringa is a type of fruit, which you can read more about by following this link. This beer had a bigger head, and I could taste a bit of the fruit, but not to much, this one was also great tasting and very healthy, if you can believe all the health benefits of the moringa fruit!!
As you can see the beer has a beautiful head, with some good carbonation.
They brewery had this very nice couch outside where we could sit and relax, while drinking our drinks, just look at the view!!

I hope you liked my post as much as I enjoyed living it!!

All photos were taken using my iPhone, at Zwakala Brewery, in the Limpopo province of South-Africa.


Wow that brewery shop at the nice location! It's a pretty cool experience! Nice photography friend!


Wow... what a great journey! Sure the car performance is awesome as it is able to travel at such an uneven road. I did not have the chance to travel to this kind of place and I think it is really unique.

I agree with you the place is definitely unique.

Wow very beautiful photography
Thanks @rynow
Have a great day

your round trip about 600 km is successful to get those drinks, lovely atmosphere and bar that serve good hospitality.

really this brewery just beautifully and you capture every photo very talentfully.this place looks very awesome. Wow interesting "beer" post. I like fruity drinks and I also like Ciders, I guess it must be a great combination as I can tell from the color! i like your beer and your wife to see very beautifull.have a nice saturday..thanks to sharing for your good post..good couple..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless blessing alltime with you.all the best.again thanks for your support my work fully dear friend.. @rynow

Thank you so much for the nice comment.

yeah dear welcome to your great always doing best work in this platform. i don,t know are you seen my sms?if yoi seen my sms obviously reply doing but i know you are a great person in this comunity.always support my work and foing alots of big hearted thought gives everyday alots of encourage my work.thank you for your best comment.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you and your cute wife . live long happily.. my dear friend. @rynow

So beautiful photography
My good thinking for you and your family
Rynow friend brother

Beautiful nature that you've passed timewith here..... one of the journey!

Very charming.... have a nice time!

Awesome photography

@rynow - Sir it's a nice destination to have a beer... Beautiful photography Sir...


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