Homebru Lager: By Wild Clover Breweries.

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Homebru Lager: By Wild Clover Breweries.

I recently posted on a dark Larger, on the same day I tested this normal Larger called Homebru, which is brewed by a small craft brewery called Wild Clover Breweries. Below you can see the label of the bottle.
They have a long story on the back of the bottle.
This beer comes in a 340ml bottle and has a 4.8% alcohol content.
Below you can see the beautiful white head.
The beer poured with a beautiful honey color and a great white head. The real surprise came when I tasted this beer, this one was definitely not a normal run of the mill Lager, this one has a very smooth toffee malt taste. I actually liked this beer more than the dark lager which I also liked a lot. I will definitely buy this beer again.
This beer was really unexpected in a very nice way!!

I hope you liked the these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

All photos were taken by me with my iPhone, at my house, in Pretoria, South-Africa.

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Nice to see ya back in Beer actions!


Nice honey color beer and nice label with the horns. Indeed a creative packaging.

Hey @rynow,
Chears again 😇😇😇

Cheers, dear.



wow,my dear friend. @rynow this is a very good choice colour beer.i like drink beer..cheers! i hope you enjoy your holiday with awesome bee.. its really great feeling..

Wow I wanna join.... cheers up!

It looks very delicious @rynow. But consume beer in less quantity, because high quantity of beer cause kidney cancer.


Thanks for the warning.

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Wish you happy holiday..thanks to sharing your best moment of you holiday..god bless your my friend. @rynow

Posted by ami beer, I like this brand and I have given a picture of it here. I love it very much that I want you to help you work with me Thank you very much.
I like 340ml bottle.
Have a nice day sir.@rynow


Thank you for the nice comment.

download (6).jpg

download (16).jpg

Excellent beer and its light color and air foam are delicious! Thank you @rynow


I loved it!!


Hello @rynow,
Extraordinary good beer & nice collection of photography.

Excellent beer @rynow and I'm sure this beer is very tasty!


It was great.


beer is the most liked drinks

The beer looks so graceful.. Evrybody love beers becoz of its energitic power.. Enjoy the drink sir @rynow.
& also Happy weekend.☺


Thank you very much.

Looks appetizing. I will try the opportunity. Thank you for sharing...

Cheers again...😀😀😀



Very nice and refreshing post @rynow...
"Cheers" dear...

Happy time...!

Cheers up dear!

very testy food beer. i love beer. chears.

That's brilliant looking beer review @rynow.

Cheers! @rynow


@rynow, That's another lager beer of Wild Clover Breweries. Nice photo shoot and well explained there.

Smiles.. Some how I got to salivate and wine my tongue, as though beer is sweet,Lol.. nice images @rynow Steemon!! Good to know you too, you can follow me back. Winks*


Thanks for the nice comment.

cheerss rynow ...

Like I would try today, just like you are especially loved by me for eating.@rynow

Homebru is very very nice I think.


It really was!!

Hey, @rynow This is so good beer and its golden color and air foam are delicious.i like it dear.

Excellent beer. But its so much. You can grow a beer belly :)

I do not support beer, but I support you because you are a beautiful mind


Thank you.

4.8% percentage too less for mine. Butter nice choice. Color awesome. Perfect beer review.

This is really cool drink. Looking very delicious. Enjoy cheers!

This is looking very cool drink sir 😍 Enjoy to drink it. Have a good day.


Thank you very much.

what a moment!!!
very nice!!

wish you a happy beer saturday....with very cute name.

Literally speaking, this bottle is reflecting as artistic piece with cool design and those words are reflecting as poetic word essence, i hope you enjoyed this stuff. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


I did enjoy it a lot!!


Great to hear that. 🙂

I’m not a huge lager fan,but this actually looks good. Nice head with that light crisp look. Cheers!


This one actually tasted very different from the normal lagers which was a good thing, and I liked it.


I like when they have that little extra something. Lagers can be so plain sometimes.


Nice colour of the beer and top of the bubble.

ahan this Homebru Lager looks really amazing @rynow cheers! 🍻

Better choice of bitter coloring beer. Nice name of Homebru Lager.

Nice beer review...interesting is that 4.8% alcohol ....its perfect for me to drink...thanks


Agreed - cheers!!

Drinking is injurious to our health.

love to drink it

great beer blog again rynow!


Thank you


Cheers @rynow enjoy

waoo enjoy

@rynow I'm sure this beer is very tasty!
Your iPhone is also taken good photos of Homebru.

That beer looks like the gold wow truly fantastic experience you had there

That's a great beer of homebru.
cheers sir.


It was very nice, cheers!!

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I like these photos ! Hope you enjoyed the beer 🍺 :-)

With your great 👍 length post, you shout enter the #sevendaybeerchallenge


Thank you very much, and the beer was great, I already did the 7 day challenge a while ago.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah ok very cool :-)
I just entered in yesterday 🍺. Hope I will sustain the 7 days

cheers to friend!

@rynow - Sir it's in beautiful gold color... Fantastic beer experience with nice photography Sir...


wow nice brand

perfect shot....

Hello @rynow,

The label of HomeBru is stunning. Extraordinary good experience.


Its a look. cool....

The best beer article of Steemit. Nice post

oh! beer @rynow

Wow Homebru. mmm nice beer......

Alcohol 4.8, is it too much or not!!!???!!!! Carry on. Have a good day.


Not really to much.

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Wonderful style of the drinking botal

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it really great feelings.

Day for us to ally family

cheers up dear..


amazing photography...the hill looking so beautiful.....i waiting for your next post..


What hill?

Amazing idea of the drinking posting