Erdinger Weisbier; Variety Pack!

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Erdinger Weisbier; Variety Pack!

It was my birthday at the end of July and my brother and his wife, brought me this pack of beer as a present - five, 500 ml bottles of various Erdinger Beers!! It took me more than a month to drink the first one, as I was to busy testing my own Home Brew.
These beers come with pouring instructions!! How many beers do come with pouring instructions!! Taste is in the Detail!! The photo below shows the ingredients and how these incredible beers are made.
The glass also came in the gift pack!! You need to have the right glass to drink this beer from!! I love the label, which has a nice traditional look.
The label close up looks nice.
The neck of the bottle.
As you can see on the back label, this beer is a Wheat Beer, with 4.9% alcohol and it comes in a decent size 500 ml bottle!! The beer is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot.
The beer has a lot of carbonation and pours with a big white head, even though I poured it very carefully!! It has a hazy golden color!!


What is there not to like about this beer?? I could find nothing, it tasted great, I just loved this one!! **Erdinger has been brewing since 1886 - by now, I am sure they know what they are doing.

I hope you liked my post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

All photos, were taken with my iPhone at my house, in Pretoria, South-Africa.

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Happy belated birthday. :)


Thank you so much!! Cheers!!

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you like it and I really like the pic showing the instructions, it was epic!


Thank you so much!!


Great beer at 4.9% alcohol with a present nice top white head.

Great posted

Never look a gift beer in the neck they say. I just love the great glasses that come in the gift packs.


Yes, this one is really beautiful!!

Cheers @rynow and happy belated July Birthday!
I bet it does taste amazing and it looks really good.
Have a lovely day!


Thank you so much, the beer was great!

wow,dear @rynow your experience always wonderfull.. just amazing beer you showing in your blog.fine beer and its foaming very excellent i hope that,you enjoy your good day with nice beer selecting for drinking very nice beer with fantastic photography. its drinking beer colour just awesome.. enjoy your time.have a great day..thank you for your great post.. very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you and your wife.


Thank you so much for the nice comment.

hahah thats best gift for your birthday beery boyy 😍

A wonderful gift, I'm sure that the beer is excellent. Thank you for the interesting message.


I enjoyed the gift a lot and there are still some left to enjoy the coming weekend!!

Oh yeah, great beer and set, I'm sure that this beer is very tasty!


It was great!

Excellent beer, its color and foam are excellent! Thank you @rynow

Wow so cool!!!!!

100% like and resteem


Thank you!

Great show, I like i
I really like this post

Oh yes @rynow, excellent beer and I'm sure that this beer is very tasty!

What a good friend!!
What a joy that the first attempt has gone so well, now the limit is heaven, I hope you make a great range of beers!

The perfect beer, its color and the taste of strawberries make it special! Thank you @rynow

Cheers @rynow...
May God grant you happiness in your life...

Oh yeah @rynow, I'm waiting for you to try your beer and I really hope that the beer will be excellent!

Beer beer beer beer !!Cheers cheers cheers..!!Enjoy with beer @rynow..



Wonderful beer photography. Thank you for sharing with us

Excellent beer photography dear @rynow

Excellent photography good article
dear @rynow

Excellent beer photography dear @rynow

The foam on this thing is incredible looks simply great


It was great!!

Happy birthday... :)

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Erdinger Weisbier; Variety Pack look amazing. I hope you enjoy this beautiful drink.


The beer tasted great!

Amazing to see beer packs. Best brewery seemed for choice.

Super fantastic job

Wonderful time

Amazing posted by 🍺 beers

Super fantastic job


Thank you so much this was the perfect gift for me!!

Amazing posted for beers

Erdinger Weisbier seems amazing gift received for birthday gift. Well description here.

I think i also need to try this beer . Interested more from your writing . Thanks


I loved this beer!!

gefelicitaart en proost!


Baie dankie. Cheers!!

This post is really awesome.


Thank you very much.

Hello friend how are you, an excellent gift for someone who loves beer, it looks very good and that big foam causes drinking it all


Yes, I enjoyed this gift!!

The foam on that is epic looks like you had an awesome time drinking that :D i enjoyed reading your experience :D


Yes, I loved this beer!!

Very tasty gift, The pint of this beer deserves 100 points.


Agreed, cheers!!

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Thank you.

Wonderful thank you so much for sharing

We sometimes forget the classics but there is little better than a good German Weiss beer.