Erdinger Kristall!

in beersaturday •  2 months ago

Erdinger Kristall!

The Erdinger Kristall was the second Erdinger beer that I tested from my Variety Pack as pictured below.
The label on the bottle is quite simple, but looks great and suite this beer beautifully!! As can be seen on the label this beer is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot as all other Erdinger Beers.
The bottle has a nice neck decoration, that gives the bottle a distinguished look!!
The label states that this beer is the world's most popular Wheat Beer !! The beer comes in a nice 500ml bottle and has a 5.3% alcohol content.
The beer looks great in the glass, it has a very nice golden color and a great white head!! Just look at that nice carbonation and the thousands of tiny bubbles!!
Just like the previous Erdinger I tested, I also liked this one!! Tonight we are going to braai with some friends, which will be the opportune time to test some more Erdingers!!

I hope you liked my post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

All photos, were taken with my iPhone at my parents, in Pretoria, South-Africa.

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I like that color of the beer and it's Alco %! Nice photography and wish to hear your home brewed beer news too!



Thank you, yes it is a great looking beer!!

Eye opening packaging, I'm glad that the taste is as good. (I didn't know there is such Variety Pack, amazing!) Great post.


Yes, the pack is great, this way you get to taste various beers, as these beers are not readily available in South-Africa.

Great appraeance of the bear at Saturday, have a good day with the taste of beer.

The color of this beer is great, it's so frothy!


Agreed, I loved it!!

The perfect beer and its color and foam are excellent! Thank you @rynow

Same here, I don't like that kind of real bitter taste too. Anyway, I really like the meat and now I'm getting hungry.

The beer looks good, it shows the commitment and love that you put into this project, even with the label.... congratulations!


This one is not my home brewed beer!

A wonderful gift, I'm sure that the beer is excellent. Thank you for the interesting message.

Excellent beer, its color and foam are excellent! Thank you @rynow

The perfect beer, its color and the taste of strawberries make it special! Thank you @rynow


No strawberries in this one.

Oh, yes @rynow, I have not seen such a beer yet and I think the strawberry taste suits it!.....!


No strawberries in this one.

Cheers @rynow...
May God grant you happiness in your life...

wonderful beer photography. very testy strawberry flabour. thanks for sharing


No strawberries in this one.

Wonderful beer photography. Thank you for sharing with us

Appetizing photos. Thanks for the recommendations, thanks to you, I'll soon become a connoisseur of beer :)

Fine beer @rynow and I'm sure this beer is very tasty!

Yes, I agree the bottle has a cool design, but look at the beer, looks delicious!


Hi @jwolf, thank you for the comment, and yes the beer tastes great!!

This beer looks very good... Bon appetite!

I hope that you enjoyed this time and yes, this beer hold an great Golden colour. Stay blessed. 🙂

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I also like to see the color of the beer in a clear glass. I think the golden look makes it tastier.



The bottle and glass is very well designed and beer with them outstanding.


Agreed, the beer was great!!

wow,dear @rynow your experience always wonderfull.. just amazing beer you showing in your blog.fine beer and its foaming very excellent i hope that,you enjoy your good day with nice beer selecting for drinking very nice beer with fantastic photography. its drinking beer colour just awesome.. enjoy your time.have a great day..thank you for your great post.. very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you and your wife.

You really love beer haha. Hope you enjoy your night with your friends. Thank you for sharing this with us!


Yes, it was great!!





@rynow, That would be excellent beer module. Color so cool.

I love to drink....

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yes mam, I like your post. 😍

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cheers to friend!



Looks really of fine quality for sure great time indeed drinking it :)

This beer has a beautiful presentation, the bottle looks elegant, and served in that glass looks special.

Hoping I can order some of this healthy beer to improve my eyesight @rynow ;)

cheerss 😍 did you added it to detlev contest ?


Not this one but my previous beer post I did add. (I saw you comment there)