Fillet Braai SA Style

in beersaturday •  2 months ago

Saturday evening is Braai time in South Africa, thus we had a few good friends over for a Braai!! We decided to Braai some nice beef fillets and some chicken drum sticks for the occasion. My wife set the table in anticipation for the people to arrive.
In the mean time I got the fire going - a real wood fire - this braai was for men braaiing, not for the boys, who use gas!! No @BraaiBoy 's here!! LOL
My lovely wife brought out some snacks to nibble on, while the fire was burning.
All this hard work and the extra hot fire, made me thirsty, thus it was time to test some more Erdinger Beers!! This time it was the Pikantus that I choose!!
It poured beautifully, with a dark color and a nice, white head!! It tasted as it looked - great!! These Erdinger beers are just great!!
All to soon the glass was only half full, but just look at that fire blazing away!!
Like I said in the video, I only used lemon juice and soya sauce to marinate the meat and then added some grounded salt and black pepper to the meat, just before braaiing!! The meat came perfect, nice and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
After cutting the meat in medallions, we gave it another short stint over the coals!! Perfect!!
My wife made some salad, small baked potatoes and pumpkin pie to go with the meat - delicious!!
As I am writing this post, I am extremely hungry again, thinking back to that delicious food and the great evening we had. My wife also made some chocolate moose for desert, but I forgot to take a photo, she easily makes the best chocolate moose, I have ever tasted!!

I hope you enjoyed the post, as much as I enjoyed creating it!!

All photos and videos were taken by me at my house in Pretoria, South Africa by using my iPhone.

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I'm now hungry too! Nice dinning table, it's so beautifully decorated.

Look at that beef!! I looks mouthwatering good amd washed down with some cold Erdinger dark, while chilling with friends.. Sounds like a quality evening 👍🍻🐄


It was great!!

hahaha... My Hybrid only LOOKS like a gas braai... i.e. it's a wood/charcoal braai, but uses gas to start it. ... and yes, you can use it as a gas braai too though.

P.S. Keep an eye out for my next BraaiBoy TV episode... I do 3 steaks, on 3 braais... Steak vs Charcoal vs Gas


I was just pulling your leg, I saw on your videos, that you added charcoal!! I will watch out for the TV episode!!


Ah! hahahaha... my bad. I get the comment a lot though about the gas thing, so just assumed :P

All the foods are capable to feel you hungry, great taste and fine drinks!

Mmm how divine you can see all the food, the wow meat and the incredible salad. Greetings friends! I love!


Thank you so much.

That's fantastic moment at night with beer and roasted meat and delicious salad.

Exactly awesome dinner party seemed. You all were rock & roll.

😭😭 I feel hungry to see those foods 🍴🍴

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Just watching your shots water my mouth, the meat is my favorite half, I congratulate your wife for that beautiful table that is made with love for you and your friends, the beer looks spectacular and impressed me a lot the embers very well worked. God bless you and congratulate you for the good Sabbath you enjoyed.saludos @rynow


Yes, we enjoyed the evening a lot.

Hahaha, I also noticed that whenever I write about food, you're going to feel hungry while imagining all the flavors of the food that you ate. Whatever you cooked looks so good! I love dessert can you send some Choco moose over hahaha.
Hope you guys enjoyed your meal! Thanks for sharing this


We really enjoyed it and yes, I do get hungry when I see food!!

How are you my friend? I'm amazed everything looks delicious I want sandwiches with that beer and then a piece of meat I end up half it looks really good

you express yourself very nice about your wife, you are surely a wonderful man, she and your children are very lucky, greetings!


I believe, I am the lucky one!!
Thank you for the nice comment!
Greetings to you.

Very nice i like it
That's really great

I don't know what looks better, the braai, the meat or the beer! I have not got the chance to try that Erdinger yet but i looks really good.


The really love those Erdingers!!

Loved the SA way this is great to check out everyone seem to have a great time there


Yes, it was a great evening!!

Wow wow wow. Everything here looks phenomenal!
Top notch meat prepared beautifully with a nice dark beer.
Well done @rynow, now I am craving supper!


Yes, it was really a great evening.

That meat looks stunning


It really was!!

IT looks sooo yummy. Nice post Ryno


Thank you so much.

Nothing to beat a great braai, along with good beer, the food looks finger licking good.

Nice round up of photography, you just made me hungry and thirsty.


It really was great!!

Grab the meal with no excuse, as it taste of yummy food.