Upgrading my homebrew setup

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Photo courtesy of pxhere.com

I've been extract brewing for about 5 years and it's only in recent months that I've been experimenting with boiling hops and using other various adjuncts to improve the quality of my beers.

While the results of these experiments have been wildly variable, when they've been good, they've been really good and now I'm about to start a whole new chapter in my approach to homebrewing beer... I'm going All-Grain!

A quick look at my pre-upgrade setup

  • A basic brew kit, similar to the Coopers DIY kit.
  • A second 25L fully fitted fermenter. In case of emergency.
  • A Twin Font KegKing Kegerator, much like the Kegco Kegerator. Two taps are always better than one.
  • 2 x 19ltr Ball Lock Corny Kegs. And;
  • A temperature controlled fermentation fridge. I built mine using a bar fridge I picked up on a local marketplace for AU$25, a Heat Belt (~$25) and an Ink Bird Temperature Controller (ITC-308) which I bought on eBay for roughly AU$50 delivered.

Heres some photos of the fermentation fridge:

And here's my upgraded setup

The new additions are:

I'm pretty excited about getting into all-grain brewing and I'm quite lucky (and very grateful) to have some expert advise at hand in the form of my brother-in-law, who has just opened a brewery in Halls Gap and a mate who just happens to be commercial brewer.

I've just placed an order for the ingredients of my first brew which will be a Galaxy SMaSH (Single Hop and Single Malt) using Galaxy hops, and Maris Otter malt.

I've chosen Galaxy because for one, it's an Australian hop variety but it's also a dual purpose hop, meaning it's well suited for both bittering and aroma. It also produces rather intense citrus and passionfruit flavours which I'm quite the fan of.

I chose Maris Otter because it brings a malty almost biscuity flavour to a beer and I think the two will play quite nicely together :)

I'll also be adding in some White Labs Clarity Ferm to make the beer gluten reduced / gluten free. My intolerance to gluten being the reason I got into homebrewing in the first place!

Stay tuned for a brew day post!

By Trevor Petrie
Trevor is a homebrewer, gardener, tinker and accomplished singer-songwriter from Australia.

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@ocd thank you so much for sharing my post 🙏

Awesome..your bro in law is paper scissors rock? Im sure I have seen that. Hope alls well in your world. That beer set up looks totally amazing!!!

Hey @riverflows, Yeah my bro started Paper Scissors Rock with a couple of mates, he’s been all-grain brewing for years and brews some seriously good beer. I’m pretty excited about getting into all-grain, I’ll be sneaking in an extract beer before my first all-grain brew though, winter calls for a chocolate coffee porter and I’ve got a bulletproof recipe up my sleeve 😁 Hope you’re doing well, cheers!

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Oh we love a good chocolate Porter around here. Perfect winter beer. We haven't been drinking a lot but I think it's going to be super cold this weekend and I think my husband would fairly love me if I found a good Porter for him to drink in front of the fire on Friday night. We were going to go up to Ballarat to do some panning but I think it is too cold for even that. I was quite impressed with some of the brew shops up there. It is too cold at our place at the moment and we are too busy to set up growing but I would really like Jamie to get into it again on this level. When you work full-time it's hard to find the time when you have a million other projects.

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I reckon it would be bitter cold in Ballarat this weekend 🥶 they do have an awesome homebrew shop though! It sure is tricky juggling work and other commitments, we have two kids under seven and a backyard we’re still landscaping so it’s very tricky to fit in a brew. I actually took this week off to try and catch up, I should have taken two weeks!! I hope you can find a good porter somewhere and a nice warm place to enjoy it 😁

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It's FREEZING. We have the fire lit and have cracked a wine - like you, hella busy and didn't even get NEAR a brew shop.

Sure was a cold one yesterday, we even had a heavy downpour of hail mid afternoon. The local Fish n Chip shop was packed last night haha

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