First commercial beer I’ve had made with kveik

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FreeWheel ESB made with kveik yeast from Norway. This is a traditional centuries old yeast strain that until recently was not available outside of Norwegian farms. The yeast was nearly lost because even the commercial brewers in Norway didn’t use it. There are several types of kveik. Unclear which one this is. Kveik is unique among beer yeasts in how it ferments and the flavors it produces. The downside to the FreeWheel is that it is not the traditional farmhouse beer made with this yeast. This is at Mikkeller Bar in San Francisco.


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It looks pretty interesting...unlike the normal beer I used to see (I don't like them either). How does it actually taste?

Frankly speaking, it looks like some herbal tea I'm used to drink over here...they are sweet, lol.

It tastes a bit like an ESB (Extra Special Bitter), but the kveik yeast definitely gives it a different flavor than the traditional British ale yeast used for ESBs. I'm not at all sure how to describe it, or how to describe even the flavor an regular ESB to someone who hasn't tried one. Beer, like wine and other spirits, is definitely an acquired taste.

I would like to order one for me please haha. That looks good to drink while watching a game haha. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day

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I would have one for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but not all three unless it was #beersaturday

Kveik, eh? Sounds so interesting!!! I would like to taste such beer :D Aaah, it is only Wednesday and I'm already dreaming of beer, thanks to this post XD

Interesting to read about making beer and the different types of yeast. I'm not a beer drinker but I like to learn about new things.

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