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October last year I had a meet 'n greet on a
sunny terrace, up in the north of the Netherlands
with a great Steemian @oaldamster.

Last saturday we had a second meeting at his house.
Not gonna talk here about that meeting.
Neighter about the images below.
For that you have to click on this link
and it all becomes clear.


Geez, it's already august 6th 2019 today


Just in time ... pffffff.

Look at that; WHAT A BEAUTY


Thanks to my friend @oaldamster

Cheers Mate!

Btw, if you do not yet follow @oaldamster,
then you'll miss out on a lot of nice interaction.
He always replies to the comments on his posts.
Besides that, he has not only become a friend,
he's just a great guy.


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Thanks Amigo! ☺

Glad to know you enjoyed the Carolus. And you were just in time, before it would go bad, hahaha.

Cheers to good times with great friends!


I'll drink to that (tonight sadly with just a regular one). Cheers!


The cookies and pastry tasted great, by the way. And the bottles of Fire and Flame were enjoyed very much. ☺👍

I'm already in a hurry to your friend's blog;)
just in time pffff - lol;))
is it beer? why is it written "whisky"? a mix?
Such relax moments are priceless. Let the planet stop and wait...;)

Infused you can translate a bit like 'injected'. Which does not exactly means that it's a mix but more like 'whiskey flavoured beer'. So, beer with a soft whiskey taste.

Indeed priceless.

Aah, ok;) sounds interesting:)

Perfect to drink after a heavy day in work and plus after a hot day too, this beer is based in malt so it has to have a tasty flavor. Regards

It had indeed a very tasty flavour. It was the first, but certainly not the last, I drank.

Well, I'm absolutely not surprised about that ...

It takes one, to know one ...

Jajaja i know it nothing better than beer in hot days. Regards

The Carolus!! It is a beauty ain't it!!

I prefer and am used to real cold beer.
The first two sips I took of this one, it was just a bit too cold and had been too long in the fridge.
Let it "breathe" for 10 minutes and then ... guess you can guess it ... a beergasm. Awesome taste.

Great!!!! Send me mine. 😁

Is on it's way, by carrier pigeon.

If it's not delivered, the pigeon is either shot, or stranded completely drunk somewhere in the south of France. 😁

Drunk in the south of France and settling nicely with the locals :)

Wouldn't that be nice to pass summer ...

You've changed direction in life more than once. Sounds like we're not far away from another move anytime soon ...

Who knows man, who knows ...