Beer, 10 Days Later

in beer •  6 months ago

Ah, even a slight rise in the fickle fickleness of crypto is enough to compel me to make a post.

This time, I'm showing off my batch of beer which was started 10 days ago (September 2nd).

After a week and a half of fermentation, the beer is mostly complete. At least one bucket is. This was a 10 gallon batch, so I split it into two 5 gallon (6.5 gallon, technically, but we always leave headspace because the fermentation can get very active and explosions are not uncommon, and we need room for that). Anyway.

Bucket 1:

Looks almost done! We can tell by the fact that most of the yeast glop at the top is clearing up and settling to the bottom. (There are technical terms for all this, but we won't get into that.)

Bucket 2:

Second bucket is a slacker. It's always interesting to see how differently the same batch can ferment, even while under the same conditions and using the same yeast.

Once the beer clears up a bit more I'll take some gravity readings (measurements to help determine how much alcohol is in it, which in turn tells me is the beer is finished fermenting). Then, I will be dry-hopping it with a crapton of Centennial hops. Maybe in a about a week!

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OEEEE!!! thanks for the reminder, I got to order stuff for after when I move to also start this fun going!


Wait, what? Are you making beer? And moving too? What's going on?


I LOVE making beer doesnt had a decent chance in a while!

Moving down the street here in Switzerland (the new home country hahaha)

My hat's off to you. Looking good there!




Next post might involve me pouring it into a glass and then drinking it. Hopefully!


Sounds like an excellent plan... ;)

That beer ferment is looking good so far!
I haven't tried making beer yet, I just make wine.


I still haven't made wine. I'm sure I've complained about it before, but it's hard to make wine when the Trader Joe's stuff is $3/bottle, and making one's own is not cheap.


That's true, but it's hard to find rhubarb wine for 3 dollars a bottle. :-)

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Looks like a fun and educational endeavor. How interesting that two buckets with the same beer, yeast and fermentation process can ferment differently. Is “yeast glop” a technical term? 😊