I'll fix a CSS issue on busy.org for BEER!

in beer •  4 months ago  (edited)

There's a little detail on the busy.org website that bothers me everytime I see it.


You see that? Aweful. The highlighted search result is almost unreadable in nightmode.

Luckily I have some experience with the busy.org code and I could just go to GitHub and fix it buuuut... I'm lazy. So see this as putting some pressure onto myself, to get rid of this annoying detail. And you can put even greater pressure on me by sending me some BEER tokens.

Yes. I want BEER! I would like to say that I actually work for beer. That sounds funny. Haha...

So @beerlover... Inform your people and see this as my contribution for #beersaturday... Even though it's no story. Maybe I'll just officially accept BEER as payment for my work. I could put that on my website too. :D

Damnit.... Why is it so early? http://www.kannmanumdieuhrzeitschonnbierchentrinken.de

Beer photos might follow later... When it's time. :P



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A !BEER to motivate you.....

Super! This should do it. In the evening... :)

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Hey @mkt, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!