Beer and its history in Argentina

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Before starting I want to clarify that I am Spanish speaking, I read and write only in Spanish, unfortunately English does not understand or write, all my work I do with the help of the translator google, so I want to apologize for any mistakes that may Arise in translation.

The history of beer was always something that caught my attention, today I do not drink alcohol, but in my youth I have consumed and above all beer.

I was fortunate to work in a supermarket, having many varieties of beer at my fingertips, as the saying goes the good seller has to know what he sells, for that reason I tried them all, from here arises my interest to know the history of The beer of my country, but for one thing or another I have been postponing until today, reading the post here on the platform I cross with the @uwelang post where it refers to all the people who write on this topic in And invites others to write their experiences related to the topic.

That is why and thanks to @uwelang I determined to inform me about the history of the beer of my country and I want to share with you.

The beer was known in my country thanks to the arrival of the Europeans to our continent, the drinks traveled in boats and the mainly German and British immigrants consumed, but later they began to consume the Argentineans.

The great distances, the problems of communication, the lack of refrigeration of the drinks caused that they lose quality, this reason to produce the drinks in my country.

In the middle of century XVIII the first factories of beers founded by immigrants appeared, the main components like malta and hops had to bring of their country of origin, by the poor quality of the ground the waters used for the elaboration of the beer was of Rain, which jealously kept in barrels.

Later years began to sow malt and hop on Argentine soil, Today Argentina is an exporter of excellent hops quality.

In a pamphlet published by José María Peña at a brewery exhibition in 1999 in the City of Buenos Aires, it refers to the first date of Argentine brewing in 1806, another source indicates that it was in 1744 on the street San Francisco today called Moreno in the city of Buenos Aires.

The researcher Domingo Vives takes the story to the year 1738, presenting as evidence some documents, which indicates that the first Argentine brewery was called the Zervezeria, these would be the oldest data known to date.

The Englishman Thomas Stuart, acquires a parcel of land, where today it would be Av. Of the Liberator and Emerald there constructs a building where it positions the factory the zervezeria.

In a census of the year 1744 is registered in the zervezeria to Thomas Stuart of 48 years of age, Juan Ittin of 30 years of age, Roberto Bettan of 20 years of age and six black slaves working in the zevezeria, this is the The only official register indicating that the factory operated with nine operators.

He finishes his research report Domingo Vives saying.

Given the lack of documentation to indicate otherwise, the first factory of Beer in Argentina is the Zervezeria, inaugurated in 1738.

At present, Argentina has a large number of breweries, and I would like to briefly review some of them.


Brewery Antares
Its central headquarters is in the city of Mar del Plata, on December 19, 1998 they opened their first breupub on Cordoba Street in the same city, distribute their products throughout the Argentine territory. It has a wide variety of products to satisfy the palate of its consumers.


Barbarroja Brewery
Its central headquarters is located in the province of Buenos Ares, in the town of Escobar, has a brewing complex artisan, perhaps the most complete and large in Argentina, what is most striking is the ornamentation of the restaurant inside a pirate ship .

Its five varieties of beer satisfy the needs of its customers.


Bieckert Brewery.
Its founder arrived in Argentina in the year 1855, was announced in the aduna as Emilio Bieckert, of brewing profession, native of the town German Barr, Locality of the High Rhine.

Its central headquarters is located in the town of Lavallol Province of Buenos Aires, has a wide variety of beer to satisfy the palates of its consumers.


Blest Brewery
In the year 1889 Julio Migoya and Nicolás Silín begin the brewing activity, its establishment is located in circuit small lagoon of the tróbol Province of Rio Negro.

Basically its raw material is composed of hops, barley, yeasts and mountain waters.

It is noteworthy that it is a product widely accepted by all the inhabitants of Bariloche and tourists who visit the place.


Buller Brewery
Founded in 1999, it is located in Recoleta, one of the most upscale neighborhoods in the Federal Capital, It produces six varieties of beers.

Handmade beers made with 100% natural products and without preservatives


Cervecería Córdoba
Founded in 1917, in Alberdi Province of Cordoba, its raw materials are from Argentina, except for extracts that are imported from the United States.

It has three varieties of beer to satisfy the palates of its consumers.


Black Corsage Brewery
Located in Santa Clara del Mar Province of Mar del Plata, this factory has a particularity, its four varieties of beers are elaborated in the public view.


Brewery bag
Founded in 1984 by Juan Bahlaj, it is located in the town of the province of Rio Negro, its products are sold in different parts of Argentina.

It has eleven varieties for the pleasures of its consumers, some of them are the traditional White Bag, El Bolsón Malta genuine, El Bolsón Raspberry Juice, the Picante Bag


Isenbeck Brewery
This beer landed in Argentina in 1994, A Premium beer made 100% natural ingredients as indicated by the law of German purity.

Not to mention that I revolutionized the Argentine beer market.


The Mission Brewery
Founded in 1999, this beer maintains the traditions of Northern Europe.

It uses 100% natural ingredients, does not contain any preservative, with its three varieties has captivated its consumers, The blonde Golden Ale, The reddish red Bitter and the Black Black Porter.


Brewery Quilmes
On September 27, 1888 began to build in the town of Quilmes Province of Buenos Aires, an establishment that would be dedicated to brewing, founded by Otto Peter Bamberg and his son Sebastián.

The first glass of beer was ready on October 26, 1890, this is the largest brewery in my country.

The Quilmes Brand is integrated by Quilmes Cristal, Quilmes Bock, Quilmes Light, Palermo, Liberty, Iguana, Bieckert, Imperial, Andes, Norte, Iguazú and Heineken.


San Carlos Brewery
This brewery in the third oldest in the country, is related to European settlers who arrived in the City of San Carlos in the year 1858, headed by Carlos Beck Bernard.

Founded by Francisco Neumeyer, in 1884, the brewery was named Francisco Neumeyer Cervecería San Carlos Sud.

To prepare this beer was used rainwater, which was jealously guarded in barrels.

In the update with 35 employees the plant produces a practically handmade beer, with two varieties to delight the palates of its consumers.


Old Brewery Munich
Founded in 1999 in General Belgrano Córdoba, by Alejandro Assadourian, the beer is elaborated of artisan form under the regime of natural ingredients foreseen in the law of German purity.

With its three varieties satisfies the palate of its consumers, Old White Munich extra, Old Black Munich extra, and old Munich Station.

Its main ingredients: pure mateada barley, Pilsen yeast, Patagonian hops and water from the Cordoba hills.

This was a brief review of the history of beer in Argentina and some of the brands

There are as many varieties as beer brands then I want to highlight some to know the flavors of my land.

Cerveza Antares Stout Imperial


This particular beer is very dark and intense flavor, its malt is toasted to appear to the coffee, fused with sweet aromas of tobacco and raisins, with a content of 8.5% of alcoholic graduation.

Cerveza Barbarroja Frutada


This particular beer has a base of black beer in combination of fruits in ripening processes of beer, raspberry and cherry their fruits, its alcoholic graduation is a bit higher than a common black beer, it is advised to drink between 8 and 10 grades.

Cerveza El Bolsón blanca tradicional


This beer in particular, is inspired by Pilsen Czech beer, medium alcohol content, low temperature fermentation, it is advisable to drink well cold.

Cerveza Viejo Múnich Negra Extra


This particular beer is made with toasted malt and special maceration, dark amber color, alcoholic graduation of 5.4%.

These are some of the brands and flavors of Argentinian beers, the post has become a little long, I hope it was to your liking.



I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another story of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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