Steemit Meetup Darmstadt August 15th - 16th

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Steemit Meetup Darmstadt

A picture of Mühltal close to Darmstadt where I grew up, check out a photo series via the link

The Steemit World is huge, but small at the same time. I was welcoming a new user to our Discord Travel Server, and we started chatting since she is originally from Malaga, Spain, but currently in Germany (Kind of the opposite of me!) It even turns out that she’s near Darmstadt, which is my hometown. And since I’m going to visit my family there next week, we had the idea to organize a quick mini meet-up. We're going to a Biergarten together, and thought there might be some other Steemians in Darmstadt or around who'd be interested in meeting up with us.

So, the plan is to meet up on August 15th or 16th in a Biergarten in Darmstadt, Germany. (Exact location to be confirmed later).

So far, we know of three who want to come:

– and me (Juergen) from @for91days

Are you nearby and interested? Let us know!

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Awesome! I used to live in Darmstadt for quite a while. Would definitely join if I were still there. Have fun - I hope there's gonna be a bunch of great people!

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Always good to step away from the screens a bit and socialize in person. Hope you get more people to attend.

Not from Germany, but I always love hearing about Steemit meetups! Be sure to take pictures of the meetup! Hopefully more people join!

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I'd be kinda curious to meet you guys... did you fix a final time and location yet?


Yes! Grohe Brauerei, Thursday at 7


Awesome... I think I'll be able to make it! How exciting!

Un edificio muy bonito. Espero que pasen una estupenda reunión de amigos. Saludos🤗

It would be great if more steemians from the area join. See you soon in Darmstadt!

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Love to join that meetup next time.

Greetz from Aachen

this step is amazing .
Look good

Hallo @for91days, herzlich willkommen auf Steemit.

Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schau einfach mal auf unserem Discord-Chat unter vorbei. Mehr Informationen über den deutschsprachigen Discord-Chat findest Du in diesem Beitrag.

Wenn Du auf Deutsch schreibst, verwende immer #deutsch als einen der 5 Hashtags, um Deine Reichweite zu erhöhen.

Unter dem folgenden Link findest Du einige Anleitungen, die Dir den Einstieg in das Steem-Universum deutlich erleichtern werden: Deutschsprachige Tutorials für Steemit-Neulinge: Ein Überblick

Great place to have a steem meeting @for91days

I wish i could be there ... unfortunatelly i'll be on a tour in Germany in September and i'll play in Stuttgart ... more details soon here:

Regards and hope you'll enjoy my artworks thru music