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Bitcoin plummeting as we speak! I sold a third of my position into USD. Catching it lower hopefully. Alts are suffering too and BCC is the new star.

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It seems that SegwitX2 cancellation gave Bitcoin Cash new vigor! I hear roumors spreading it might overcome Bitcoin itself. Your thoughts?

Look at that chart. 3rd market cap name and 65% up in a day. Wow!

Luckily this wasn’t going on while I was doing my tasting. An overdue visit to Craft Pub after Steemfest.

They have many novelties on the menu. Many delicious stuff to try out but when I see a stout I just hear myself saying Oy, wench, pass me that dark brew on the double.

Not true really, I’m usually very polite. You gotta earn some respect with people on the other side of the counter. It is quite a boon, trust me!

Beer menu 11/10/2017


Thornbridge Fika

CountryAshford in the Water, England
BreweryThornbridge Brewery
AppearanceDeep brown color. Weak to non existing tan head.
AromaStrong coffee with a bit of spices. Earthy and woody.
TasteA lot of coffee in the taste. Almost like real cold cup of coffee. Light malty sweetness with medium coffee bitterness.
PalateLow carbonation. Medium body. Leaves pleasant bitter burnt coffee aftertaste.
OverallThis one is quite taste specific obviously. We f you are a stout fan - definitely. If not - pass. I like it. Stop drinking heavy liquor in the morning - have this breakfast stout instead.
Score (subjective)17/20

Price: 15 kuna (2.35$) for 0.15 ml. Pub on tap. Splurge.

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Weird Beer name on the menu "Dogs Cum Grano Salis"
Anyways, nice beer there with a very distinct taste description.
I hope alts finally go up.

Let's hope the alts keep running! Time to share the love, BTC!

Bitcoin and Beer, two of the most important words that start with B :))

I don't really think that, Bitcoin Cash will surpass the Bitcoin, still too strong at the moment I think. But still that is a huge increase in a day

cool editing on the picture. 😃

Bitcoin with beer, sounds like power and politics its too awesome 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

A lot of alcohol for a beer. A bottle would be enough....... 😊

Yes off course @buzzbeergeek the last two days BitCash is the star in Crypto exchange.. BCC starts its downward red candles.. Rourmers roumers every where and too many question together.. Is BitCash cross BTC..? Is BCC continue these percentage hike in future days..? Where is BTC going..? Woohh.. Its nice you share your drink with us.. its cool our mind lil.. @buzzbeergeek

Only one bottle enough to take a discussion about bitcoin plummeting ...😃
Alt suffering too. why dropping cryptos emergency. Can we`ll hope BCC?
Log term waiting. Cheers~~~

I love thornbridge, the Japiur IPA was on of the early IPA's I tried and really got me interested in the style. I think I've liked everythign they have done so I'm sure the stout is great

Yeah it's up 20% from where I bought BCH so I'm pretty excited, but most of my other alts are still 50% in the red. Maybe if they all get 65% pumps in a day everything will be in the green for me :D


Worked out for you in the end?

It's not surprising that Bitcoin is dropping now the Fork has been cancelled, it seems many people put everything they had into Bitcoin in the hope of a big payout from the fork - and now it isn't happening they are taking the money back out to pay the bills! That's a fine Stout for sure, from a good brewery as well. Lot's of coffee infused beers popping up, I sell coffee to a local brewery which they make a coffee infused beer with.

I get the feeling we’re heading into a big transition in the crypto markets no idea why I feel that but I do

Love the update on BCC, and who can't complain about some delicious craft brew tasting!
Thank you for sharing!!

Cannot tale about bitcoin plummeting without grand beer. Yeah, @buzzbeergeek I saw plummeting of BTC trade market. But past recently week bitcoin rise up and holding 7500 level. But currently sad situations. Be careful this moment for investment BTC. in this fact Bitcoin cash will be new hero in cryptocurrency market. I`l like to enjoy with you with beer taste.

Calling @originalworks :)
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We can hopes abt BCC when you showing this blog @buzzbeergeek.
Hopefully wait with alone beer. Cheers~~~

and bitcoin

Mmmmmmmh Nice. Great shots

nice post,
upvote me please


why it Randowhale is retiring/going to a deep or dark trench, and what's the reason for got these steps.