Beer Tasting - Maibock ('Paasij' by Brouwerij 't IJ)

in #beer3 years ago

BNB continues to reach for the sky! The chart looks somewhat strange but the team behind it know how to pace the good news.

Let's call it ‘fundamentals’. Lately the only way to trade was staring at the chart, but with BNB we have news that sound reasonable and optimistic. The team are experts at PR and the crowd loves them. Or some days hates them. However it turns out, people are flocking to hear what it is all about and Binance are eager to accommodate whatever will push the price higher. And that is always good. Keep your eyes on that chart, it could get even more interesting!

In the last post, I mentioned the famous Amsterdam mill-brewery! This is what you get inside! Decent prices and high quality products! I even like the snacks. Simple and edible with lots of vegetarian options!

't IJ Paasij

CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
BreweryBrouwerij 't IJ (Duvel Moortgat)
AppearanceLight amber. Creamy white head.
AromaWeak. Coriander and malts.
TasteSpicy sweet. Coriander.
PalateWatery. Medium to high carbonation. Citric sweet aftertaste.
OverallA casual one. Good but nothing extraordinary.
Score (subjective)- 16/20

Price: 3.20 euro (3.62$) for 0.3 l. On tap at a pub. Mid-range.

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High in style

Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto E5 Plus

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BNB rocks! I think it is a better investment than stocks.

Well, so far it turns out it is!

Looks like a good historic pub.

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Oh yeah. Though I wonder when I'll find one which takes pride in being super futuristic.

Nice beer.

Whenever I hear Maibock, I always have to think to the "Einbecker Maibock" which is the beer from my youth.

Looks that way too! Oldies goldies!

This brings up a lot memories.

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