Beer Tasting - Dunkel ('Bock-Damm' by Damm Brewery)

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What is a baby beer? I consider any 250 ml warrants that name. I am taking it easy with this Spaniard since I’m recovering from a wedding party.

It was amazing, I’ll say. I won’t post pictures because that seems wrong somehow. I hope newlyweds join our happy family. That would be cool indeed. Then they can post it themselves.

I told them all about Steemit and they are impressed. There was this nagging question though: ‘Who pays for it all?’ :D Same old, same old...

I will, however say that this was the best outdoors wedding I can imagine! Just look at the landscape!


Bock-Damm by Damm Brewery

CountryBarcelona, Spain
AppearanceBlack with reddish hues shining on bright light, clear but dark, white creamy foam. Red star on the label. Reminds me of my leftist follies of youth.
AromaCaramel and roasty malts. Intense sweet cough drop smell I remember from childhood. Licorice.
TasteHeavy cloying sweetness, lightly bitter but shadowed with sweetness.
PalateLight body, oily feel, lively carbonation that almost tickles. Uneasy finish. A bit artificial feel.
OverallVery average beer. I wouldn't make it a regular. Definitely too sweet for me. It is very intensive in a wrong way.
Score (subjective, personal)9/20

Price: 7 kuna (1.10$) for 0.25l. Bottle at a store. Budget since it is foreign.

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Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Canon SX170 IS

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Your favorite Spanish beer?


I like beer in the company of a good friendship thank yo for this post "buzzbeergeek

That is a good combo indeed!

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Really, a good dark beer. 👍

Hehe, if you are indeed Spanish, that means a lot! ;)

If I may ask where the wedding took place? (The scenery looks familiar.) 🙂

Sure! A few kilometers from Kumrovec is a small restaurant with a nice meadow in front

Oh, I see, so it's our Zagorje region! Now I know why it looks familiar to me. 😉

Nice post as always friend

Thank you! Always happy to see you here and thanks for the invitation the other day. I was in a rush but I'd join otherwise ;)

Maybe next time friend :D

Thank you for posting @buzzbeergeek.

What a lovely post......lovely beer and review.

Always enjoy hearing the choices of a gentleman....very kind of you to give privacy to the wedding couple.

All the best to you and yours. Cheers.

Thanks! A nice comment. You seem such a gentle person ;) A welcome respite!

I have not tried any Spanish Beer yet, the outdoor scenery is very beautiful.

Thanks. One of the best I've experienced. The scenery, not the beer :)

Okay...okay...that is good spanish beer. Nice!:)

I'll be travelling around ;)

Where do you get so much content about beer? :P Awesome brother! Keep it rolling :)

Well... I make it a mission to taste some almost on a daily basis. i'd do it even if there weren't for steemit :D

And that's why you are doing so well :) And why you will proceed to do greater in the future!

Wow! That's an amazing place for a wedding. And a really good-looking beer you got there baby! Hope you had a blast.

You were into that red star stuff earlier? ;-)


Yeah. Me and my gang of punks! Bandiera Rossa and everything! :D

Haha! Pleeeease post about these days!

Perfect landscape to enjoy a nice beer :)

That it is, dear ;)

This sounds like such a strange beer. Not at all the description I expected when I read the name. Also, I like this term 'Baby Beer' I think I might use it going forward.

Haha, I don't know if is a euphemism or a praise :D

I have a few different ways to use it in mind ;)

Wow. Thats a dark looking beer but sweet? Interesting. I love my stouts, and review Australian beers myself, but I don't know about dark and sweet?? Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more reviews

I like dark beers a lot as they taste more intensive and natural. Good one indeed and hope to give it a try.

We just had a beer festival and I shared some pics on my blog, feel free to see them..Love beers.

Thanks for sharing and great post.

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