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BTC rockets back to 4000. IOTA makes a good move up and DCR seems like an opportunity. I hold some IOTA so fingers crossed there! I have raised this black drink in that direction!

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I think I understand Põhjala labels a bit more! It isn’t random. It’s evocative. They try to make that first impression that translates to tasting experience. I could be wrong though, heh. A lazy designer…

Fakin Pub as usual. Not a rush hour. Good craft. Smell of wet floors and beer. There is an outside terrace though! Drop by to the Faculty of Humanities which is nearby. Cheap coffee and pretty girls! Cheerful mood!

Daily beer menu - 18/09/2017


Põhjala Mets by Põhjala

StyleBlack IPA
CountryTallinn, Estonia
AppearanceBlack. Brown persistent head.
AromaRoasted herbs. Sharp aroma. Like a very good porter with some extra hops. Some pine. Resinous!
TasteHeaaavy red grapes. Grape juice! Vinous. But bitter. And then sour. Some sour cherry. Very layered and complex taste. Outstanding!
PalateWatery with prickly carbonation. Leaves a lot of flavour in the aftertaste. All the bitter hues almost warm the palate.
OverallIf you are into heavy hopped brews this one will be the star of the show! If you are more of a mild kind of guy give it a pass but at least try it. It's very well balanced. Personally, I'd appreciate fuller body.
Score (subjective)18/20

Price: 9 kuna (1.45$) for 0.1 ml tester. On tap at a pub. Splurge.

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Highly praised!
Please drink with style and responsibility!

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Upvoted and glad to follow you now :).
Could you summarize in one sentence why I should invest in DCR?.

Yeah. Don't listen to me... :) It reversed the downtrend and hasn't fallen off the uptrend yet... It's an old coin, I've seen it on some big ups and downs...

nice beer!!! Gut!! :-)

Nice my buddy and I just brewed our first craft IPA.... And a Buzz IPA!!

Wow it has spruce tips and blueberries.
That's some good beer.

Sneaky Ninja attack!
You have been defended!


To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of my fellow #thealliance brethren.

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I may stay mighty and continue to defend and protect our beloved team!


mmmm drink one for me! :D Although, those look a bit hoppy for me.

I like the fuller bodied ones better as well, but this black IPA really sounds really intriguing. I would definitely give that a shot.

Looks nice!

I have some IOTA, looking forward to seeing it go higher, once I have bought some more.

I prefer beer to IOTA though ;-)


Oh, me too. This clusterfuck of a market is a strain...

I do monthly purchases and so the timing is somewhat out of my control - so I largely ignore the noise, look for coins that I think will offer genuine utility in future, buy them, put them in a wallet and forget about them

I will check them in 5 years and hopefully at least one will be worth a lot more than it is now.
It's quite simple if you don't want it to be complicated ;-)


Seems a good plan but also be careful! Something that sounds like a revelation now might be worth squat in 2 years. The speed of it all is just overwhelming.

Very true!

I am only investing in crypto what I can afford to lose - the vast majority of my money is elsewhere.

Am buying btc, steem and one or two others


In my opinion 'This is post of the day'
Although I never tasted beer, but I can imagine the effort you took on the post. Specially selection of high level words for writing, Pictures with details and presentation is mind blowing. These all things made this post best one. It must be go for trending, and you must be rewarded with maximum upvotes. Thanks again for sharing a great piece of work @buzzbeergeek. Keep rocking man!

That's a high praise. It would be impossible to do if I didn't enjoy the beer itself. Hobby that pays is the best combo!

Sorry @buzzbeergeek I know my upvote has no effect as my SP is too low. But please take it as I'm giving you with lots of love. Thanks!

And also Thanks @pharesim for the upvote. I appreciate your support too!

Never even heard of half of those ales. Where are you from?

Croatia, but I taste beers from all over the world ;)

Cheap coffee and pretty girls!

So, where is photos of these girls, mate !? :(

True that. I might do a revisit of my old alma mater soon :D

Not sure I'd like this one. However, there's only one way for me to know for sure! :)

Another estonian beer with a high rating from you! woot-woot!

Fantastic blog bro
I'm from the West coast of Canada, big beer culture. What do you think of double or triple ipa's?
Followed for sure

Depends on the occasion. I love Imperials for sure ;)

Looks like a nice beer Cheers

Excellent post thanks for sharing!!!

If I were, would I be allowed to say?

I love beer

I think it's really good.

Hello my friend, can you help and upvote my post with my son, on 4-th it's her birthday and I want to give a little gift.


nice beer. Thanks for sharing
please upvote and follow me

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