Beer Tasting - Black IPA ('In the Night Black IPA' by Bevog Brewery)

in beer •  9 months ago

About 10% off the lows for Bitcoin today! You have to love those angel investors! I was beginning to lose hope but now the head and shoulders seems likely. The night is darkest just before the dawn, they say.

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Look at that green! I’ve tried to outline what might be inverse head and shoulders, a bullish pattern. Let’s wait and see. I wouldn’t let it go past 10k again if you are holding. Hopefully those stop losses won’t engage!

Damn, it’s cold in my town. They forecast up to -22 in the next few days. But nothing stops me from visiting my warm pub. Fakin today!

Special thanks to the head barman who treated me with this wonder!

Beer menu


Cheers guys!

In the Night Black IPA

StyleBlack IPA
CountryBad Radkersburg, Austria
BreweryBevog Brewery
AppearanceBeige rocky and thick head. Deep brown with ruby hues.
AromaBrings a smile to your face. Caramel. Candy 🍬 bubblegum. Grassy underneath. Pine as well.
TasteJuicy and roasty. On the sweet side with just teasing bitterness. Heavily hopped. Grapey after a while. Balanced. What you want from an IPA.
PalateMedium carbonation. Silky. Slick. Sticky aftertaste with lingering smoked malts.
OverallTrue joy for hardcore IPA fans. This is not my favourite style but there is no denying it is masterfully done. Great work guys, as usual.
Score (subjective)18/20

Price: 9 kuna (1.50 $) for 0.1 l. On tap at a pub. Free.

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Rare. No rating yet.

Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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I love all bevog beers... On Friday I had a close look on this exact one(bottled). Seemed a little bit pale for a “black” IPA. Although very good one indeed! Keep on mind, that I have only tested its aroma I definitely would like to have one.


It is a bit light in comparison to most! True, deserves a try!

Cool review :) The pub itself also looks quite interesting. What town is this exactly? I'm planning to visit Croatia this summer, maybe I will have a chance to go there as well ;)


Only if you take a detour from the coast. The capital, smack down in the centre.


I will try to remember this and try to do it :)

Wow, great news. Your post has it all, Crypto analysis and Beer . How can I not give this post a upvote & resteem.


I don't know, sometimes I ask myself that :D

Hmmm, yeah. I'm not a hardcore IPA fan, but this one does look very good. Frankly, I've never even heard of a "Black IPA", so I'm definitely interested. Thx, and cheers! :)


Oh yeah! Not sure about the procedure but they definitely roast something and put loads of hops!

Black IPA's are one of my favorite styles of beers! This is the best time to sip on those too, especially for you in -22 weather! Here are best three black IPA's I've had to date, if you can find these I would highly recommend.


Wow, thanks! I sure will. I'm slacking off on my beershop adventures. It's mostly pub for me. Must catch up!

Do you get drunk?


Weekends only. Need to stay clear headed to write the post, heh.

Are you a bit frustrated about the market movement.You are a intelligent guy and you know well about your business.The photos are beautiful beers must be very energetic and tasty to drink.The way you present the beer glass its looks like an art work.Thank's for sharing.


Those accolades are too much! Thank you!

great & enjoying!


Now that's a crafty username you have there!

Back with the beers! Looks yummy! ;D



Hah! Thanks. It sure was!

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Another badge of honor. Oh man!

Hopefully as possible and can generate profits,
this place looks very comfortable to visit, and looks very pretty @buzzbeergeek


Yes it is very nice Thanks @buzzbeergeek

I’m a huge Black IPA fan. You should check out Black Top by New Glarus.



Black Top by New Glarus > checked and noted!

please check my on steemit @abangkece , dont forget vote and follow. thanks