We got in some way compromised - More that 1000 BEER where stolen

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Hey Steeminas, dear BEER lovers

Our little project got some attention in the market. Most of the time this is a good sign, but today something strange happend.


The world is full of assholes!
two very speicial ones are
@command and @vegetables
and the thief behind @Camper

They stole 1131 BEER

This morning I checked the @beerlover and everything was smooth.

A workday grabbed my attention and I did my stuff.

Just late afternoon I went to the steem website to see the actual status of "Whats going on"

I looked twice as I saw that more than 1000 BEER got delivered.

I said to myself:

Seems to be a dry day and everybody is thirsty.

but something let me have a look a bit deeper into the system.

Quickly the feeling "There is something wrong" came to me and I started to look even more into the details.

Who did what today

After grabbing the data from the system I saw what happen. Even in the raw data there was one name again and again.

Who is this?? @command with a reputation of MINUS 1

List of Beer User .png

Anyway, I have to do something to stop this

My first idea was to stop this @sshole from selling the token and I went to Discord and did a question to steem engine master aggroed.

See the Discord chat here https://discordapp.com/channels/539442545478991882/539442545478991884

Communication on the Steem Engine Discord

Discord message 1.png

Than even more strange things happened

Discord message 2.png

and finally

Discord message 3.png

Where you see what happened.

We stopped the BEER delivery

Sorry my beerlovin friends, we had to stop the delivery for a short while.

We add some more security feature to prevent something like this in the future. There will be a bunch of changes and we will be online quickly

Steeling from a fair-drop

What a bad kind of human are you? We have our fun with such a nice function and such an Id%t is stealing our BEER.

I never ever though, that assholes like @camper and @command are around to fool the community. **This is a bad behavior like showing us all his middle finger.

You might be smart, but as I said in Discord

May bad karma hit you heavily
and be sure - once a time -
it will be my feet
kicking your butt HEAVILY

This is the message for @command, @vegetables and the thief behind all this: @Camper

Calling all clever and fair steemians

If you are in programming and platform stuff, please check if you see some potential problems and just let us know

I like to have steem and the beer community a better place - a place where we help each other and where we not fool each other. So if you are such a smart and clever guy or girl, I love to chat with you.

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and beer and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Buy some BEER

sure, this is easy. Have a look to https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=BEER

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover

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A ten-second perusal of crypto headlines will tell you that if anything valuable is easy to steal, efforts will be made to do so. It is the responsibility of token issuers to make sure that their software is rigorous against potential attack.

karma... will reward the 'attacker' richly for helping tiny projects like yours learn about proper system design while there is very little value on the line. Can you imagine if something like this happened on something that actually matters? like bitcoin main network?

If you don't learn these lessons now, you will never be able to build something that scales to significant value.

Hi @josephsavage, sure security is an issue.
But this is a fun project and even more something for the community.

We have more than 700 happy people who enjoy this project.
Sure, than somebody plays the card "Look how I can fool this little project"

Anyway, this doesn't kill the project, it brings even the community more together as I had many nice talks today and yesterday. And yes, we learned.

I just send a BEER to you to enjoy the fun wit us.

I'm glad that it didn't kill your energy. Just fix it and move forward... and know a little more for next time.

700 who have actually interacted with the token (issued or bought/sold) or 700 that have had the token given to them?

some quick stats

More than 100 Steemians are able to give tokens and more than 3000 tokens where delivered to more than 700 people.

Mode with the rule of thumb

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Holly sh!t

That's beer for a full town party!

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It is. And yes - Holly shit!

But we learned

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Ahhahhahh, very nice comment 👌🤗

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How the fuck he did that? FK that guy!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

It's actually quite easy if there's no protection. I was thinking about doing it myself. I wouldn't steel 1000 beers but I was just curious if it's possible. Whether there's any limitation. @beerlover He didn't just use a group of bots that tip each other all the time, did he?
If so, we can have a religious discussion about how much beer per day is good for a person. :D

But I must say that I don't agree on calling it stealing. Legally it's not, of course and technically it was really an invitation for someone to find out where the limit is. And if you want to know where the limit is, you need to go there. You would run a script until it fails and then you know. I think this is what happened and that's ok and healthy. It's "only" 1000 beer and not all. You can ask him to redistribute them.

Yes, this might be a religious discussion and I have to agree to your way of thinking. It is only 1000 BEER but it is 1000 BEER.

I was really pissed as I saw this and being a programmer in the past - I understand that you do whatever you can do.

It is just not fair

and as I said, even if you can do something, there is fairness and karma.

So, I hope that life will pay back.

Now back to normal life.....

LOL, a religious discussion about beer: that's really funny to me. 😂

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Might be a never ending discussion....

Back to normal life...

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Might be a never ending discussion...

That's for sure: an eternal discussion! ^_^

Well I could easily drink 2 6packs so thats 12 glasses of beer a day. 🤣😂.

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That is you.

If I have two six packs a day, I was either way to long at the gym or totally drunken.

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Tomorrow is a new day my friend!

We took the delivery down and it will be back in better quality.

Soon we will all Staking for BEER. Means a real „fridge“ function.

we will check if we could use this staked BEER amount for being entitled to use the dropping.

And yes, tomorrow the sun will shine again and we learned something.

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Have a beautiful night, mate. 👍🏽😴

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Well said, mate: it is important to know the law of impermanence to live happily! ;)

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Well, that's bad. But it's an experience for all of us...lesson learned...

I completely agree! ;)

Painfully agreeing!

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Everything passes, my dear!
Have a wonderful day!


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It is not nice when someone drunk your beer and glass is empty :(((((

I really don't understand where people like this comes from and how they think. It is actually all over Steemit, where people just abuse the system and messes it up for other people.

I hope you find a solution soon!!

We are working on this and we will find that guy!

You could have stopped with a custom strategy to distribute token. It's so easy to abuse.

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Yes, we stopped the distribution and adding features and some limits

That too Bad Attitude !

Feel much sorry to BEER @beerlover !
Take Good Care and Come Back Soon !

!shop 💙

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It's equal to taking all the free samples. The person did not give them back when confronted so the act became a bad one.
It would be like keeping the steem torch.
I hope he didn't clear up all the buy orders.

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Anyway, it brings some activity into the system and this is real world stuff in our fun project

Hey man, don’t put my wife’s name on your sketchy list. I gave her those beers after I legit bought off the market. Maybe I’ll dump if you can’t separate the wheat from the chaff...this was supposed to be a fun thing... I am not having fun right now.

In other words, edit your list to the one wrongdoer or we have a problem.

Drop me that account name (in discord or as a memo) and I delete it.

Did not now your special deal..... ;-)

It made me mad because it seemed unnecessary to have the other names of legit people along with the one you were pointing out.
It’s alright, though...never mind.

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I don't want to make you feel bad in any way. If you let me know what I should change - I will do it right away.

I appreciate that. No worries, you can focus on getting things running smoothly again. I’ll get over it...I was being a jerk. Dramatoken. 🤭

What a shame. Having your door open does not mean that everyone is entitled to enter your house and steal things.
Why can't people simply have fun and enjoy their lives. :(

It's not 'having your door open.' it's standing on the street corner shouting 'free beer! help yourselves and take some for a friend'

In a fully automated way with no precautions to make sure the same guy doesn't stroll by 1000 times.

So maybe a better analogy is the people that push flyers in your hands on the street. Take a flyer! take 10! take 1000!

What? somebody took 1000? You dunce, we have to pay to print those!

The fault lies in the person that trained the bot to push the flyers out, not in the person that willingly took as many flyers as the bot would give it.

Because they are like this.

And Karma will fight back

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In the village I lived in yeaaars ago we had our backdoor open and neighbours over the floor.... Well not anymore... some did and they stole the food out of the fridge etc a door unlocked doesn't mean you have to take everything. :/ so it costed you 1000 steem... :/

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So ein Mist.
Was gibt es viele Idioten auf der Welt.
Sehr schade.
Gruß vom @bitandi

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!dramatoken Sorry for this 1000 BEER stolen because your ideea was very good for steem user.

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Unfortunately there are always mean people around.
Some minutes ago I purchased a beer-token to have my 10 tokens to use the beer-command for a friend. Then I saw the comment, that there is no beer . . .

Ok, I will try it tomorrow . . . hopefully, dear Detlev, you get the issue fixed.

Yes Peter, it will be better as before....

... I guess.

beer token is similar to the SHOP token I made. The way I use to prevent ppl take advantage of the token is for every 10 tokens you have, you can only gift one token per day. Also there is a limit on how many tokens can be distributed per day. Also there is a blacklist.

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sounds interesting and might be something we can add.

Is your code available for other as open source?

Oh no! So sorry. I just found out about beer token and thought it was fun. That sucks when people take advantage! >:(

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exactly. But we have to live with this and learn from it.

The world is bad


目前你总共有: 1枚SHOP币

查看或者交易 SHOP币 请到 steem-engine.com.

Set a limit of max 10 tokens to 1 account if you can. Like it costed you lots of steem.

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Exactly this will be implemented in some way.

What a bunch of shit axxxholes! Obviously integrity doesn't exist in their dictionary

Sorry about that. Was it taken on steem engine?

ahhhhh men this sucks....and if this was only done to expose the flaws and give it straight back afterwards that would have been a different thing..but to get you super cool project compromised so much...that sucks !! :((

Do you also have Some non-alcoholic? I Will drive My car tonights.

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Always someone waiting in the wings to swoop down and damage things, somehow the meaning of the word fun is lost along the way when it comes to tokens.