The BEER CROWDSALE runs to his second goal. Price of token went up!

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Many thanks dear Steeminas and the BEER community

The actual Status of the CROWDSALE of BEER and yes, we got the first 90 Steemians who support our fun project with around 1280 STEEM - means we are heading to the next goal to get a Proof of Stake of BEER.

WE love to get your more help to reach that goal of 2000 ENG / STEEM.

crowdsale beer status 9.8.19.png

Today we reached
1282,12 STEEM
means we are at
64,11 precent of goal 2

So, please spread the word and feel free tu re-use any of our graphics and content.


Thanks to all that Steemians

See this nice graphic with all that great Steemians who got already some BEER from the @beerlover
crowdsale beer status circle 9.8.19.png

This are that early Investors, so please follow them to grow as well your BEER network a bit.

@harlhana @pjansen @jeanpi1908 @cryptobrewmaster @runridefly @pizzaboy77 @fishyculture @shadowmask @bucipuci @mcoinz79 @city-of-dresden @phoenixwren @steevc @mermaidvampire @jamethiel @rondras @browery @alexvan @wakeupkitty @isnochys @cervisia @harveyword @kissi @donald.porter @johannpiber @khaimi @tggr @ervin-lemark @connecteconomy @skramatters @crimo @enm1 @muelli @joanstewart @dreimaldad @jsantana @molometer @lordvdr @lotto-austria @reiseamateur @tazi @ayjoe @depot69 @misan @forever-crypto @augustimo @pundito @kadna @amico @mad-runner @johannpiber @condeas @ibc @dmilliz @oldtimer @felander @coolsurfer @toofasteddie @enthef @bashadow @cindyhartz @definethedollar @ervin-lemark @miti @tomhall @saboin @bucipuci @altobee @zekepickleman @detlev @c3r34lk1ll3r @donald.porter @meeplecomposer @tggr @crimo @johannpiber @bucipuci @chrisparis @browery @mad-runner @ervin-lemark @reiseamateur @abitcoinskeptic @backinblackdevil @altobee @kieny @saboin @aulia1993 @preparedwombat

The actual bookkeeping

To have everything transparent, here you see the latest version of our bookkeeping.

Who will be the number 100 or the one with the biggest invest? We already have a few Steemians who did a 100 STEEM or 50 STEEM deal. Even @reiseamateur and @detlev spend 150 STEEM the last days.

Our original post is here

A few days ago we wrote all that information about the CROWDSALE from @beerlover where you just send him some STEEM to get for each 0.15 STEEM one BEER token.


Exchange some Steem for some BEER and support the new development of the next steps of the BEER token.


The Link

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - BEER token is working as well on the development of some games, tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and BEER and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover

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I love how this is all coming together. I'll ask some more friends to help. Cheers!

Yeah this community is awesome!!!
Love to do a speech about this at next SteemFest and will ask @roeland if he look for such community driven content.

Yessir! Being a beerologiat, you know I am behind you 100%.

Pos here we come. Spread the word!

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Great to have your support dear zeke

Had to pickup another 200 BEER via the crowdsale

Beerlover delivered already into your virtual fridge

I sent some more Steem. I resteemed the post, too. Let's hit that target!

Many thanks for the support.

Did you see the price of BEER is going up.

Great news! 🍺

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Had to pick up another 200 BEER via the crowdsale 🍺

Whoot many thanks

blessing BEER continues to rise

Congratulations @cloudblade, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @beerlover!
@beerlover got 6 TRDO & @cloudblade got 4 TRDO!

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Many thanks my friend.

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Good job :-)

Prosím, k čemu je dobré stakovat pivo? A experimetn.

When we reach 2000 Steem we buy the proof of stake option of Steem-Engine. And you'll get dividend for the staked !BEER

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Thanks for your help during my sleeping time due another time zone.

Hey, you are on vacation after all :)

Traveling day today.

And I don’t pick my phone neither my business email.

But as the Crowdsale goes so well I do this for the fun

Thank you for information.

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Stejně dobré jako stakovat Pal :-).
Na volání Trda potřebuješ vlastnit 100 tokenů (nebo 1000?)

Tak prý tisíc... Mám jich něco přes 100. A stakovaných. Nevím, jestli stakované taky "platí". Stakované pivo asi neplatí...

Stakované tokeny se nepočítají. V potaz se berou jen "volné".

Dík. Takže stakovat se vlastně nevplatí... Ani pivo, ani TRDO, ani kafe... Je to tak?

U piva jsem si nechal 12 volných. TRDO skoro nemám, kafe mi poslal včera večer @jjprac. Pokud máš dostatek tokemů, tak něco staked a něco nechat volné. Nebo všechno prodat. Strategii si musí najít každý sám :-).

Anything we all need to understand or where you need my help?

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Hey @krakonos, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](

How much beer is left for the AirDrop

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Around 4000 in the airdrop. We give around 200-300 per day


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many thanks

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @beerlover, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](