How much BEER do we got stacked? & some more beery UPDATES

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Hey Steeminas, dear BEER lovers

today I want to get you again a bit more into BEER.

During the last few weeks, the market price went down and this means it is the perfect time to get more BEER.

But first some stats from the world of BEER

Status of staked BEER


As you see above, the status of the staked BEER is already quite good as 58% off all liquid BEER is staked by and amount of 3627 Steemians.

That is soo damn cool and I like to say "THANKS FOR YOUR TRUST"

But we can do more and soon we get the BEERbank function, where you can send some BEER to another user.

How to Stake BEER

That is so easy as you only have to go to the Steem-Engine and click on your wallet.


If you have some liquid BEER in your account at the steem-engine, you only need to hit the little look icon and follow the dialog to add more BEER to the staked BEER

More BEER activity

During the last month, we see around 1/4 more activity on the BEER function. Means there are 25% more people getting additional rewards for their post by the beer community.


From around 400 calls in October we are now at around 500 to 540 in End of November and beginning of December.

BEER is again cheap

We plan a few of updates and as BEER is cheap at the moment, it might be a good moment to get some more.


As you see, there is a lot cheap BEER on sale right now.

The BeerLover grows


During the Steem Power Up Day we got another nice investment into the BeerLover from @detlev.

He send 1000 Steem to power up the @beerlover to grow this account into more power.

If you like to support the @beerlover as well, feel free to delegate any amount and we make sure you get some fun back.

Trade BEER outside the Steem-Engine

Yes, we are talking to some exchanges where you soon may trade your BEER against BTC, Ether, USD and some other pairs


Upcoming change

Since such a long time, we have the rule that you need to have 10 BEER to be able to send a bit of BEER to someone.

To boost the sales of BEER a bit we will change this before Xmas to an amount of 20 BEER. Please spread the word.


Calling beery friends

The lovely Steemians who own some BEER might spread the word....

@johannpiber @solarwarrior @beerlover @holger80 @rondras @condeas @jaydih @uwelang @ibc @isdev @nicniezgrublem @edkarnie @reiseamateur @mad-runner @abitcoinskeptic @eii @isnochys @mcoinz79 @saboin @amico @ciuoto @rentmoney @roger.remix @tomhall @axeman @victor-alexander @schlees @ervin-lemark @kryptodenno @dera123 @muelli @investinthefutur @pjansen @tattoodjay @depot69 @rynow @steem-eng @curationhelper @gerber @seckorama @ben4ever @ben2ben @browery @balte @jeanpi1908 @mermaidvampire @jlsplatts @ruhrsearch @kadna @zekepickleman @bucipuci @tinamarr @cadawg @pixresteemer @lotto-austria @bitandi @mhm-philippines @achimmertens @definethedollar @dylanhobalart @elikast @fedesox @joanstewart @maruskina @libertycrypto27 @janton @crypticat @city-of-dresden @iven @criticalthinkin @wwwiebe @jjprac @elizacheng @whatsup @kirstin @meins0815 @barmbo @muscara @steevc @jeffjagoe @pundito @bitpizza @steemrentetoken @mkt @misan @riczuniform @exyle @dreimaldad @broxi @olivia08 @crimo @plankton.token @foodfightfriday @freebornangel @vanessav @aggroed @tiblog @donald.porter @bashadow @cloudblade @yuriitonkov @reggaemuffin @yabapmatt @beers @harveyword @beerchaintech @beer @fedesh @applecrisp @wakeupkitty @pixelfan @chriddi @curationvoter @robibasa @joanawatts @bluerobo @otom @blue.rabbit @kus-knee @borran @mittwochsquickie @beerbank @amico.sports @duranzo89 @weedcash.rewards @rollie1212 @backinblackdevil @benedict08 @investyourvote @lordvdr @dotwin1981 @petrvl @davedickeyyall @pixelworld @forykw @fishyculture @altobee @claudio83 @cryptictruth @transom @palnetvoter @immanuel94 @gaich @tggr @spurisna @phoenixwren @melinda010100 @filosof103 @rentenbot @hans001 @isarmoewe @revisesociology @musicvoter2 @xlisto @godfish @alexvan @porcocane @crypto-pixie @simplymike @chrismadcboy2016 @enm1 @cryptospa @der-prophet @cervisia @wpblogger-de @shasta @armandosodano @desyfit @uruguru @augustimo @miti @felander @feuerelfe @artmentor @toofasteddie @handofzara @miketr @skramatters @brittandjosie @qwerrie @hairyfairy @alenox @arcange @dmilliz @amico.pal @flaxz @jedigeiss @happyphoenix @siphon @fullcoverbetting @sportfrei @bethvalverde @sparstrumpf @theturtleproject @rullicky @zockerpeine @unsuwe @cflclosers @jluvs2fly @gallya @moncia90 @actifit-peter @verhp11 @canna-collective @kissi @braaiboy @preparedwombat @jamethiel @karinxxl @manniman @gimba @quekery @exhaust @psionic-tremors @crimcrim @russia-btc @cryptobrewmaster @powerpaul @j85063 @lightcaptured @abh12345 @thomasthewolf @astrophoto.kevin @arunava @huntforsteem @buggedout @smyle @c3r34lk1ll3r @dexpartacus @banjo @saun @quinneaker @g10a @schamangerbert @emrebeyler @summertooth @philippekiene @indextrader24 @jkv @bodie7 @bonp @splatz @minimining @primersion @steem-bootcamp @atomcollector @kieny @steemrente @louis88 @xstern93 @oldtimer @dandays @curation.neo @kanrat @nerdtopiade @chroniccoin @womic @umuk @elotro @tijntje @spiceboyz @tokenindustry @syalla @johnboywalton @mundharmonika @rossfletcher @udabeu @shoemanchu @nakedverse @shanibeer @tangmo @jurich60 @meeplecomposer @steemexplorers @nodex @rivalzzz @iamraincrystal @tazi @jonyoudyer @kristin @geiwoyibeipijiu @daddygarsha @vittoriozuccala @musicvoter @slobberchops @cultus-forex @haegar85 @chruuselbeeri @darrenfj @ayjoe @philfreetotravel @dswigle @stuffbyspencer @traciyork @wenchebakken @cindyhartz @hmayak @ronaldoavelino @teo93 @shadowmask @stever82 @chunkysoupsvc @amico.ccc @monsterbuster @bambuka @davidesimoncini @ali-h @miroslavrc @sportcheck

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and beer and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover


What is BEER for? Is this just a fun token?

It started as fun and proof of concept.

Now it is used to tip people for a good post for free with !BEER and soon with the #BEERbank.

We will have a few games soon and the well known #BeerSaturday Challenge use the token as a prize for winners.

If you have any other idea - talk to me.

Hey @gattino, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

All beer staked and few more beer purchased. a non-drinker, may I enter a #BeerSaturday challenge with a malt beverage? There are quite a few good ones here in Suriname.

sure - if you like every week.

We beerlovers are very tolerant people....

... and a great community

Hello there! Why is it that sometimes the bot doesn't trigger? Just a while ago, I tried to send a few beers and the bot only triggered for the last 3 comments I made. The first couple of comments failed to trigger the bot. (I have 24 BEER staked so that shouldn't be an issue.)

Make sure that you have a [SPACE] after the !BEER or write a longer sentence like this one

If you had more calls as you are allowed to do.

F.e. with 24 staked BEER you can call 24 / 6 = 4 calls per day

Is the [SPACE] a new requirement?

Now, it was since the beginning like this. We see this sometimes as a reason for some errors.

Hey @trincowski, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @beerlover, here is a little bit of BEER from @flaxz for you. Enjoy it!

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Just one Beer token so far.
Having a cool Pomegranate Palm Bay at the moment.

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Ive just finished work for Christmas i have 8 beers but no beer tokens mine must be part of the liquid beer \o/

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Get more by doing a beery post and drop the link to the #BeerSaturday challenge for week 131. You might win some beer.

Or just buy a few at the steem-engine

... or get !BEER as a gift 😉

Hey @kerrislravenhill, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks for the little bit, I usually get into Coolers, spritzers, a rum mixers. When I try beers it's when I get experimental and a little adventure to try. Next time I'll post something about my beer experiment. A friend knows I'm a bit of a sucker for a pretty label.

Hey @beerlover, here is a little bit of BEER from @preparedwombat for you. Enjoy it!

Nice update, skål !BEER

I am staking just 0.2 Beer, that's all I have got

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At least a start. Have a !BEER from me and get yourself some more by a cool beery post for #BeerSaturday or get some from the steem-engine as beer is cheap these days.

Hey @mahaji, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

And now you have a bit more !BEER 😉

Hey @mahaji, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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