Epic shot of the Klamath river

in beauty •  last month 

So Grateful

Eventually we are going to share this beautiful place with all our friends and family! We are working on creating a sanctuary for healing and a fun haven earthbased play grounds for the children
Can’t figure out why it flips my pictures

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Can’t figure out why it flips my pictures

Can't figure out why it flips my Upvotes. Awesome pic though!

lol. unkind.

Haha thank you

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Please don't stack bid bot votes.

Excessive bidbots coupled with the fact you couldn't be bothered to rotate your picture, or figure out how to do so, speaks volumes to the level of respect you have for both this platform and the audience.

You spent over 200 steem on this post, currently you are only going to earn 166 steem at post payout. 4 hours in and you already have 4 powerful downvotes. I would recommend taking it easy with the bid bots. Full steem ahead...

Won’t I get sp too

  ·  last month (edited)

Have you read about what has changed on Steem? This is just the start of the flagging, i would imagine your post will go down a LOT more in the coming days.. bare in mind the post is really short, and utilised virtually only bid bots.. even if it was AMAZING quality it would still get flagged now, but you haven't really taken the time to share much about what you are doing... and indeed even the image is upside down..

if you want to learn more please read some of the posts out there created by people who are protecting the steem ecosystem.. Heres a few posts to get you going


Here is how @trafalgar puts it

The voting market is very harmful to our ecosystem on Steem. You can't have a place where buyers get paid to promote while sellers make almost as much as 100% self voting and expect that there isn't some form of cost involved. And the cost is over time, every stakeholder has chosen to either sell votes/self vote/circle jerk which completely outcompeted curation in terms of returns and lead to the utter failure of our platform to function as a content discovery and rewards system based on honest curation.

After the economic initiatives were implemented in the last update, fighting against this type of abuse is no longer futile or prohibitively expensive, and some of us have chosen to do just that.

Check out @dobartim and @haejin too

You will earn 88 steem power and the 88 steem. Still a lost to you and a win to the bid bots.

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@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

I’m just here to watch the pretty red flags. :D

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Sehr schönes Bild
Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //

Very nice picture
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //


What a nice picture. It looks like a mystical place from an old legend.

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Really great photography!

Thank u

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It’s not...

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I’m pretty proud of that pic though and the place could be some nat’ geo shiznit

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but what a fantastic view you offer us in this photograph friend, I love maybe flipping it is not necessary I like it a lot and I think that others will also like it, it's like a magical place
greetings from venezuela dear friend

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Pics are probably flipped because they are artificially rotated in a preview.. u need to edit it and rotate it in a good image editor then save it and reuplod.

Also, u have really overpromoted this post, please don't be surprised if u get a lot of flags! Newsteem has changed everything!

Thanks for the tips I just figured out about the bid boys didn’t realize it such a touchy subject for people, I mean c’mon it’s not an abusive post or spam or plagiarized

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It is a low effort pile of crap that is designed to rob the reward pool.

Despite all the controversy of your publication, I'm going to indulge in the beautiful image that I capture.

Thank u

You might be newish, so here's a tip:
If you use bid bots, which is widely frowned upon, use them with some decency. E.g. think about what an outstanding value for your post would be, and don't push it beyond that into trending.