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RE: Decking the Halls with Wreaths Across America

in #beautifulsunday2 years ago

@dswigle, these witnesses you have voted for have retired (or are running a zombie server):

partiko, steem-bounty

You have 0 witness votes left to use.

You are voting for: actifit, arcange, ats-witness, ausbitbank, bitrocker2020, blockbrothers, blocktrades, busy.witness, c0ff33a, coingecko, curie, dsound, followbtcnews, good-karma, guiltyparties, helpie, jesta, kevinwong, neoxian, ocd-witness, oracle-d, partiko, patrice, pharesim, qurator, someguy123, steem-bounty, steemitboard, steempeak, steempress.

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Thank you! I will be looking into it !! I appreciate your looking at it for me.

Have a good night!


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