My Sublime & Beautiful Sunday. 'A Winter's Day in Southport, Q'ld.'

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'A Winter's Day in Southport, Q'ld.'

This is my entry for the #beautifulsunday challenge, hosted by @ace108 and for #sublimesunday by @c0ff33a.

You may find this fact difficult to believe when you scroll down and view the images below, but it is the middle of winter here in Australia at the moment. But in this vast and beautiful country, winters vary considerably depending on the location. And the location I am concentrating on for this blog, is the Gold Coast of Queensland. Southport, to be precise!

My husband and I drove down to the Gold Coast to watch one of our grandsons play Rugby League for his team, The Redcliffe Dolphins in Burleigh. And because it was such a beautiful day, we decided to have a drive around after the game to appreciate the scenery and the sun.


We were not alone. Anyone who had the time and the inclination were out and about, taking advantage of this wonderful winter weather. Admittedly, I did start the day with wearing a thick scarf and a warm jacket but as the day progressed, I quickly discarded these garments, as they were quite unnecessary by lunch time.

The people in the photo (below) didn't need jackets or scarves or shirts. Shorts and a sunhat were sufficient.


Southport is located near the mid point of the Gold Coast. Originally, it was called Nerang Creek Heads but was later renamed 'Southport,' because it was the southernmost port of the colony of Queensland.


Southport is known as the central business district of the city of Gold Coast and it used to be the entertainment hub of the area until it spread further into the heart of the Gold Coast. Southport has continued to experience increased tourism and extraordinary growth with many new high rises being completed in recent years, with many more, currently under construction.


The stretch of water which flows from the eastern boundary of Southport is called the Gold Coast Broadwater. The Southport Yacht Club and a few marinas on the southern bank of the Nerang River is known as Main Beach.


As you can see from my photos, this area is popular for fishing, boating, and water sports. Opposite Southport (where you can see the high rises) and towards the far side of the Broadwater on The Spit, is the theme park Sea World.


Many people swim here (as I have done on previous holidays) because I prefer the calm side to the surf beaches (for swimming) and Surfers is only six minutes from here. This choice of mine has a lot to do with the fact that I nearly drowned in Surfers Paradise once when I got swept out to sea by strong currents.

Surfers Paradise is famous for its high quality beaches and one thing that is greatly encouraged, is for people to swim between the flags in controlled areas. There are plenty of life guard stations situated along the wonderful stretch of beaches to help swimmers who get caught in tidal rips.

As I owe my life to a special life guard, I applaud their volunteer efforts because I know from first hand experience that they are willing to go to great lengthes to keep these beaches safe.


As we walked towards the marina, I lingered for long moments over the array of yachts and boats moared not far from the shore and imagined myself on board, heading out to sea. This one (below) looked particularly appealing.


All manner of sea worthy vessels rested along the waterfront, waiting for their turn to be launched into the clear blue waters.





The parklands adjacent to the river are very pictureqsue and there are BBQ's and picnic tables availble for the public to use and lots of shady areas, courtesy of the beautiful mature trees.


This pine tree looks as though it is competing with the sky scaper behind it from this angle, but the tall apartment building has won the prize for the most lofty position.


The tree trunks of these pine trees cast criss cross shadows across the lawn, creating an interesting pattern.


Another very impressive boat caught my attention.


I loved the shape of it and I'd also love to know what it looked like inside.


I zoomed in to see if I could read the name and when I did, I realized that 'Vegas' had come to the Gold Coast! Time to party!


A yachtsman prepares to take advantage of the sea breezes.





We turned around and moved back towards our car and of course I couldn't resist taking more photos.







The fishermen family on the sandy shore still had their lines in the water. I hope they caught some fish to take home. But if not, I'm sure they will have gone home very satisfied with their day.




As we drove out of our parking spot to go home, a flash of colour on the wall of the public toilets caught my eye. Someone had painted a beautiful lorikeet on the front of the building. I'd put my safety belt on but luckily I still had my camera in my hand and was able to get this shot as we passed by.

I will leave you with this delightful bit of Australiana to finish up my blog.





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Thanks again @pixresteemer 🌻 🌼 🌻

Omg a winter day in Southport and still hot enough to wear next to nothing. Winter in the Uk normally involves wearing several layers and either bring soaking wet or frozen stiff.

Still captured some incredible photos, lovely boats and so many of them! And the parrot mosaic at the end is awesome- what an epic decoration. !COFFEEA 15

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Many thanks @cOff33a for your visit. Winter is almost a joke here on the Gold Coast of Australia, as you can see by the photos taken just last Sunday. I'm very grateful for your wonderful support.

Nice photos! There appear to be quite a few really nice sporting boats there. It's nice to see so many wind-powered crafts, even if they all likely have motors for when things get tough :-)

I wish our winter weather here in Minnesota were more like that.

Thank you for your comments. The Gold Coast here in Australia apparently is known for having one of the best climates in the world.

Lovely and sunny day for a walk! It’s so nice to be by the sea. Fresh air and go swimming too.

It was such a sunny day and people were out everywhere. Thanks for your visit.

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Thank you @acropolis and @templo for your support.

Fishing in bare bodies is definitely something unique.

Especially in the middle of winter. Thanks for your comments.

You're welcome

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Nice winter. It still is a lovely weather for fishing.

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Yes there is some great fish being caught at the moment and the weather is fabulous. Thanks for your comment.

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Thank you so much.

Howdy Trudee! You have good taste in boats! lol. So many wonderful photos here...hey what was the story about the life guard?

I've been brought up around boats John and love the sea. My parents had launches and John built a 12' 6" Hartley Sprite boat when our boys were young and spent many hours either fishing or ski-ing. So it it easy to admire luxury boats like the ones in this post and dream about being a passenger in one. 😊

Hey you're supposed to dream about OWNING one! lol. But either way it would be fun.

Oh.....yes! You are quite right! But I will dream about other priorities first (lol) And then maybe a boat as a bonus. 😊

lol! Very good, I agree with you on that!

Lovely images of life along the waterfront Trudee. Like you, I nearly drowned once at Surfers Paradise. Those rips are incredibly powerful and I'll always be grateful to the lifesavers who ran about 400 metres up the beach before rescuing us (four people) ~ Very early in the morning ~ Before patrol time. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Sounds like we were both extremely lucky. It was a miracle I will always be thankful for. Thanks for your comments.

YES. In my mind and heart, everything that took place for me to be rescued was a miracle. I know it more now than I did at the time.

Winter is a myth here in Sydney too Trudee. I've just been staying at Freshwater for a few days ~ Close to Manly. And the sunny days have been divine. Enjoying, before the heat of summer. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

We are two very fortunate women Ally. I thought your weather would be a lot cooler than ours. Its amazing just how much a sunny day can keep you warm but on the shade, its another story altogether. I'm making the most of these days before it heats up again.

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