Beautiful Sunday In The Prettiest Town In Canada

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Well here we are at the prettiest town in Canada taking some pictures of what this town is notorious for, which is sunsets!! The mall here is called suncoast mall, suncoast drive, yadda yadda yadda! In case you haven't figured out what town this is yet, It's Goderich.

So here is the sunset!














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Pretty sunset @shaunf ! As a Vancouver girl I think my city is at least equally pretty! Where is Goderich?

I think Vancouver is prettier than Goderich unless it's East Hastings,! Goderich is in Ontario!! They say the Queen of England deemed Goderich the prettiest town in canada

Haha, for sure!

Looks beautiful, definetly nicer than Vancouver!

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every shot so great

Ohhh these are all so gorgeous!


Nice sun shots. I kind of wonder how to not get some of the bloops you also get when shooting the sun. Thanks for sharing on #beautifulsunday

thanks!! It would be nice to see what the pictures would look like without the bloops!! but I also think the bloops give it a neat effect!!

in some cases yes it does. in other cases it's like where is the object that i was looking at before 😎

true that!!

Nice sunset captures there. :) Do go through my photo series, would love your feedback! :)

I love a good sunset. It's like nature puts on a show for us. Almost like it's reading us a bed time story lol. Nice post.