Beautiful Autumn Sunday Drive!

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Well just got done work, another day, another dollar.
So driving out of town I saw this great display outside of the LCBO.


Of course on my way out of town I took the scenic route home, I decided to take Hydro Line Rd home. I decided to stop at the river for a while.



After that I continued driving, it is great to see the trees turning colors!!




I then saw some sheep, they ran away from me when I stepped outside of the car.



So I got back in my car and continued driving again



I then saw some this guy, once again I tried to get closer, he looked angry, I think he want to attack me, so I ran into the car!!


Beautiful Sunday was initiated by @ace108


Lovely colorful shots Shaun...........upv & rsd plus tip!

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Nice post dear

Nice drive home. Halloween must be close. Leaves are changing, the air is nippier and the pumpkins are ready...Sheep are just nervous and the cow just didn't care...

The fall colours are turning quite nice already. Thanks for sharing on #beautifulsunday

Wonderful Fall colours ! ^_^ Hyacinthesfleur2.png