awesome pics... worthy of some !trdo & !BEER for sure ;-)

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Beautiful photographs, the colors of these fish are beautiful

There are so many beautiful fish in the sea! And many of them live on the reefs in your country!

It is true! I remember that before there was a place called the marine museum and there were so many beautiful fish and marine species. I loved visiting it, then for everything that happens they neglected the place a lot and had to close

That's too bad, I hope your reefs are healthy and the fish living there are happy.

If the reefs seem to be in good condition. And I know the fish are happy

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Awesome, was there any special exhibits there at the time. I've been meaning to go there soon...

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These are not current photos, but they always have something special going on, don't they? 😀

hmm looks like no special exhibits right now. Last one I saw was an amphibian one.

They do good stuff there!

How beautiful pictures😍

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That made me laugh !

When I was a child, at some holiday, probably Christmas, I was given a subscription for Dr. Suess books. It came with 4 to start it off and this was one one of them. I love your fish photos. So colorful !

I coveted Dr Seuss books when I was a child. A neighbor lady was a teacher, and she let me borrow some of hers. I now have a few of my favorites on my bookshelves!

I had a decent sized set before it was over with, however, it seems my Mom gave them to my older sister when her children were born. They were in with many books that belonged to us when we were growing up and had been there so long, that she had no reason to think I might want them. So... needless to say, I doubt any of them have survived. LOL !

I bought mine as an adult. And they brought a lot of joy when I had grandkids to read them to.

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So glad you are back! Yay! 😘

It is so beautiful!

Hey @melinda010100 just dropping by to say hi. I love fish and these are gorgeous reminds me of the fishes I saw in the coral reef during our vacation.

I have done a bit of scuba diving and snorkeling and the fish I saw there were incredible. There is such a magical world on the reefs.
It's always good to hear from you, my friend!

Ah... nice. They should use your pictures to make the book cover.

Ha! Thanks, but the book fish are pretty cool!

You're welcome

Oh, what beautiful fishs!

Aren't they great?

Nice fish shots! They are fun subjects, aren't they? Love the Dr. Seuss at the end.

I wonder how blue fish tastes...

Haha! I never once wondered how any of them taste!

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Haha! Howdy Melinda! Wonderful photos and I like Dr. Seuss's writings!

Thanks! My favorite Dr. SEUSS is Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? It always cheers me up!

Howdy Melinda! I don't know that one but it sounds great, maybe it will come up if I google it or is it a whole book?

A bedtime story for you!

lol..that is so good and so funny! What clever and imaginative writing skills. Thanks Melinda!

Stunning fish and photos, it’s the colours that amaze me the most.

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Have you ever done any snorking? I have done some scuba and am so amazed by the beauty under the sea.