Beautiful Sunday, Sublimely So!

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Oh, Sunday! How I love thee! A wonderful church service, washed in the local flavor and perhaps a spot of tea later in the day. I feel like snorkeling in between would be the perfect touch for a relaxing day as we begin to wind down our vacation, returning to where we came from.

She sighs

Sunday 4.JPG

Right in the middle of Hamilton. located on the aptly named Church Street, number 29, is Bermuda Cathedral, or the proper name, Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. It is not my usual worship denomination as it is an Anglican church, but, I could feel the presence of something definitely spiritual going on in there.

Sunday 5.JPG

The hand-carved doors added to the charm of this already peaceful retreat for your soul. The city is busy all around you, yet there is a certain calm that surrounds and protects.

Sunday 6.JPG

It is a perfect day. The sun is shining, the breeze of the ocean fills my lungs. I draw a deep breath, inhaling its fragrance Today is definitely a #BeautifulSunday by @Ace108 and if I were to go further than that, I would include the fact that it is also a #SublimeSunday by @coff33a. How could it not be? l close my eyes and enjoy the vision I have painted for myself.

Sunday 7.JPG

Within walking distance is a park, a very popular walking, running, eating and sunning spot. It was built when Queen Elizabeth was visiting on her Silver Jubilee, long ago and far away. The park is kept up with native floral and strikingly beautiful trees.

Incidentally, it is called Queen Elizabeth Park. Of course.

And beautiful sculptures. Don't let me forget about them. Nicely placed with added elegance to an already piece of loveliness.

Come. Step into my parlor.


I have to admit, the British do know how to create a little slice of beautiful amid the bustle of the city. Not busy in the sense of one of our cities, but, a mere distraction from the general peace found here.

Let there be dance!


I cast one last look before wandering down the street to the ferry that will bring me back to the Royal Naval Dockyard. It has been a beautiful day. Just like every single one has been since I got here to Bermuda.

Pulling into the harbor, the rows of boats greet me.



I take it all in, this place that once housed the one of Britian's largest fleet of Naval vessels. I like the feel of walking the streets of history.


Let the sun shine in on your life
So the joy may touch your soul.

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Don't ever forget what wonderful world we live in, people. Let's hold hands around the globe and make this earth really spin. Some days, it is not as easy to see, so we must try harder to give everyone the proper focus. As for Louis, he had the right idea.

What a wonderful world.
What a wonderful life.

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This absoulutly gorgeous. T h a n k s for taking the time to snapping all the beauty that surronds you and telling about it. You are a breath of fresh air for the discouraged. THANKS > again, for letting us know what you are up to and I'm glad that you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with Steemians.


Thank you so much! It has been a wonderful trip, filled with peace and tranquility! I hope to return in another month or so to get a little more of it! :)

Appreciate the upvote! Have a fabulous day!


Another very inspired gif. I wonder how much time you've consumed by doing everything?

Thank you, dear Denise! Every time you travel and share the pictures with us, I feel like I had been there too!


Thank you so much, Maru! 💖💕

I will be home soon with lots of pictures. I hope all is well with you!

That Cathedral is impressive and thanks for the tour of some of the sights what a beautiful area


Thank you so much, Jj! The cathedral is way nicer than I captured, but, I will have to go back to get better pictures. It is truly a beautiful little piece of paradise. Too bad it is only 22 miles long and 1 mile wide. It is not terribly crowded, but, I imagine it would take no time to get overcrowded.

I hope you have a most fabulous week!


@dswigle its a place I would love to visit sometime

you to have a wonderful week

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It is really a beautiful day @dswigle


Every day is a beautiful day here, Sam! As close to paradise as I can imagine.

Thank you!

Its a glorious sunday with park, dockyard, boat floating and arround roaming there, enjoyment and refreshing.

Your happy, holiday vibe is evident in every fabulous image and in your words @dswigle We are very fortunate to be able to share your journey with us.

I really love that circular gateway set in stone with the ornate gate. I think it has been artistically designed. So glad to hear you are having a wonderful vacation.

Very beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Amazing place for travelers.

Nice clicks.. beautiful 😍

Beautiful and awesome pics, thanks for sharing such a lovely pictures @dswigle.


Thank you!

awesome photography


Thank you!

Thanks for the lovely tour. Great shots!
I posted Louie singing this not too far back.

Glad you have a chance to do this in UK.
Salute to the Brits for making your stay a good one. :-)

Wow this are exclusive collection and there has no doubt you are travelling the most great place, a big thanks for you that you share for us to know great thing with great scenery.. I wish you travel more and post more for us..

Hello Beautiful
This week I have not had time to visit you.
The weeks become so complicated, work, home and steemit.
The day does not hurt anymore.
Beautiful entrance for Sunday.
Sorry for missing the market.
Have a lovely week

Now that's simply magnificent it has got a positive vibe to it thanks for sharing a beautiful post :D

beautiful house and lovely photography

Yes, Life is Wonderful! Your Sunday was so beautiful that I call it sublime! I prefer the park. I love the photo with the stone scale.

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Well thank goodness you didn't get lost in the Bermuda Triangle - that would have been a rum do for sure. I noticed one Jet Ski was missing - were you out on that one - I can imagine you doing some pretty hot tricks around the harbour entertaining the locals.

Beautiful pictures as always, I'm impressed you were able to drag yourself away from your Vacation to temp us with some of your delights - and of course very honoured your shared these incredible images for #SublimeSunday.

Safe travels on the rest of your journey, I am looking forward to seeing even more of your trip when you finally get back home.

#thealliance #witness